Tata Nano -People’s car for Rs 1 lakh

India’s popular Industrialist and the Chairman of the Tata Group of Companies has been awarded “The Automotive Man of the Year 2009.”

In his Award-acceptance speech Mr. Ratan Tata told that he considered the award as very special and important which will be a tremendous boost to his morale. For him the Tata-Nano car had been a great enjoyable challenge as it involved doing things which people thought and said that could not be done.

According to Mr.Tata a group of young Indian engineers did something which most people thought that could not be done , which they have done as Indians and attracted global attention for what they did and his role was only to support it and drive it through those critical and unbelievable days/

Tata Motors’ engineers and designers have worked hard for about four years to achieve this goal. And today we have a people’s car, which is:-

  • affordable
  • built to meet safety requirements

  • fuel efficient
  • shorter in length than the Maruthi 800
  • having 21% more space than the Maruthi 800
  • giving mileage of 20km/litre of petrol
  • powered by 623 cc rear mounted-engine

Apart from the standard version, Nano will also come in two deluxe models with air conditioning.

The Tata Nano car will help the middle class Indians to move from two-wheeler to four-wheeler, fulfilling their need for comfort in travel for whom two wheelers are insufficient, in view of the family size and the distance to be travelled daily for work and other purposes.

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