The first Successful Liver Transplant of Tamilnadu

The first successful liver transplant surgery in South India/Tamilnadu was done on 29th January 2009 at in the Surgical Gastroenterology Centre of the Government Stanley Medical College Hospital at Chennai by Dr.Surendran and his team of surgeons and others numbering 40 persons. The surgical procedure took 12 hours. The patient-recipient a 40 years old woman with cirrhosis of the liver is reported to be doing well after the surgery and transplant.

The transplanted liver was taken from a 19 years old boy who was declared brain dead after a road accident. The parents of the posthumous donar were willing for the organ donation of their unexpectedly demised son.

On the sameday another liver transplant was successfully done at Christian Medical College Hospital Vellore. The transplanted liver was obtained from Manipal Hospital Bangalore by “Tamilnadu Organ Registry and Translant Coordinator”.

Following Blood donation and eye donation the organs donation is slowly becoming popular. People willing to make organs donations can approach”Tamilnadu Organ Registry and Transplant Coordinator”.

We can donate our blood during our lifetime and donate our eyes and other organs after our death. However, the free and voluntay consent for the donations should be given by the prospective donors during their lifetime.

Awareness of Blood/Eyes/Organs Donations must be made in the minds of people.

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