Ageing Exercises and Walking

Some old people seem to think that physical exercises are for young people. It is not true; exercises are necessary for people of all age. Simple exercises and/or walking must be undertaken on a daily basis right from our young age.

Generally, old people prefer to sit in a chair or easy-chair most of the time, when they are awake and they are not inclined to walk. Some old people even prefer to lye down on the bed, even without sleeping. Instead of becoming fresh and energetic after lying on the bed or sitting for a long time they will become sick physically and mentally.

Old people must take walking as an exercise and a part of their life. Walking must not be taken as a compulsory ceremony or some duty to be performed, as their doctor has advised.

Old people must start enjoy walking, in view of a large number of benefits and many adverse effects of avoiding walking. Even walking indoors or around their house will be enough.They need not take up a fast walking; it is enough to walk even in a slow speed. Walking slowly will give an opportunity for the limbs movement and the hip movement. Many old people find it difficult to walk, because they would have been sitting and they would not have walked enough.

Is the above message only for old people?; Certainly not. We must remember that we are growing older day by day. Only if we practise to do physical exercises and walking daily in young age, we can continue to do the physical exercises and walking even in our old age. Yesterday’s youth is today’s old and today’s youth is tomorrow’s old.

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