Will Michael Phelps the American Super Fish Participate in London Olympics 2012

You would have seen in the News, how in the Beijing Olympics 2008, a 23 years old American Swimmer, Michael Phelps, won eight Gold Medals, and has set a new record, beating the earlier record of Mark Spitz who won seven Gold Medals in Munich Olympics 1972.

Michael Phelps who is called by the Chinese Media people today, as “The American Super Fish” could win only Six Gold and Two Bronze Medals,in Athens Olympics in the year 2004, when he was 19 years old. His dreams came true in Beijing Olympics 2008, in the late night of Saturdy, the 16th August 2008, when he swam the butterfly leg of the 4x100m medley relay,and set the record for most number of gold medals won in a single Olympics, breaking Mark Spitz’s record in Munich in the year 1972.

Though the “American Super Fish” or “Gold Fish” as you may call him, Michael Phelps, has joined the list of America’s biggest celebrity athletes like, Michael Jordan, Carl Lewis and Tiger Woods, and he would become one of the most famous and soon-to-be richest Sports Heroes, he is very modest and is more enthusiastic talking about the teamwork involved in winning the three relay events than the five gold medals he took in individual races, and he says that he feels as a normal kid.

After the triumphant performance in Swimming, Michael Phelps has planned to go on a short break/vacation from his professional swimming and relax with his favourite songs in MP3 Player, playing video games and spending time with his pet dog.

Phelps has expressed his dissatifaction about his own performance in one of the individual Swimming events in which, ofcourse, he won a Gold Medal. He says that he could swim still faster. He is having a desire to work towards improvement of his swimming.

But, you cannot predict now, whether Phelps will take part in the next “London Olympics 2012”. He will be 27 years old then, and you cannot say whether he will try to break his own record and set another new record. As Phelps is having very good regards for teamwork, he may be coaching his American Swimmers for London Olympics 2012.

Michael Phelps, seems to be enthusiastic and capable, but he is not greedy, as it appears today.

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