Some of the Highlights of the Indian Railways Budget Presented by the Railways Minister Dinesh Trivedi

The present Railways Budget-2012, presented in the Parliament of India, has for the first time in the recent 9 years has hiked the Passenger Fares Ranging From 2 paise to 30 paise per kilometer, as detailed below:

  • For Sub-Urban trains by 2 paise per km,
  • For Mail trains 3 paise per km
  • For Express Trains 5 paise per km,
  • For AC Chair Cars 10 paise per km,
  • For 3 Tier AC 10 paise per km,
  • For 2 Tier AC 15 paise per km and
  • For First Class AC 30 paise per km.

And the Platform tickets will cost Rs 5/- from now onwards.

The Railways Minister Mr. Dinesh Trivedi’s first Railway Budget has been called “Anti-Peoples’ Budget” by his own partymen (of Trina Mool Congress) including his party Chief and an ex-Railway Minister Ms. Mamata Bannerjee. The following are some of the highlights of the present Railways Budget:

  • Safety will be the First Priority of the Indian Railways and and Independent Railway Safety Authority as a statutory body will be set up,
  • All the unmanned Level Crossings will be abolished in the next 5 years.
  • Arjuna Awardees will have concessions in the fares
  • Anaemia and Sickle Cell Disease Patients will have 50% Concession
  • Indian Railways Stations Development Corporation will redevelop stations and maintain them on the pattern of Airports!! (It is a pleasure to imagine and visualize Railway Passengers walking on smooth Platforms with Strolleys as in Airports.)

The Indian Railways is running at a loss and its Financial Status is “Critical” and everybody knows that something should be done to bring out the Indian Railways from the “ICU”.
However, as and when the Passengers Fares are hiked nobody likes it. What will the Railway Minister do?

Should the Indian Railways Budget be “Anti- People” or “Anti Railways” ?

Who will suggest a Railways Budget which would be “Pro- People” and “Pro- Railways” simultaneously ?

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