List of Popular Indians – Who Died During the Year 2012

The following  is a list of popular Indians of Various Fields, who died during the year 2012:-

January 2012:

    On 4th January 2012  Ms.Kalpana Mohan- Hindi Actress died at the age of  65 years 

    On 5th January 2012 Mr. Amit Saigal-Rock Musician died at the age of  46 years

     On 12th January 2012 Ms.Rubina Shergill, Hindi Television Actress died

    On 20th January 2012 Ms.Nikhat Kazmi– Critic/writer (Times of India) died at the age of  53 years

    On 26th January 2012 , Mr.M. O. H. Farook Maricar Politician ( Pondicherry) – died at the age of 74 years

    February 2012: 

     On 3rd February 2012, Mr. Raj Kanwar-Hindi Film Director/Producer died at the age of 50 years

     On 9th February 2012, Mr. O. P. Dutta, Hindi Film Director died at the age of  90 years

    March 2012: 

    On 7th March 2012, Mr. Ravi –Hindi/Malayalam Films Music Director died  at the age of 86 years

    On 9th March 2012 Mr. Joy Mukherjee– Hindi Actor/Director died at the age of 73 years

    On 25th March 2012 Ms.Mona Kapoor Hindi Tele-Serials Producer died at the age of 48 years

    April 2012:

    On 1st April 2012, Mr.Narendra Kumar Salve/N.K.P.Salve- Politician died at the age of 91 years

    On 30th April 2012 Ms. Achala Sachdev- Hindi Actress (Popular Mother Character Actress)  died at the age of 91 years

    May 2012:

    On 5th May 2012 Mr. Surendranath –Former Indian Test Cricketer died at the age of 75 years

    On 14th May 2012 Ms.Taruni Sachdev– Bollywood Child Actress/ Tele-Ads (Rasna) Child Artist tragically died at the age of 14 years- on her 14thBirthday in a Flight Crash

    On 18th May 2012 Mr.Tulsidas ji Maharaj also known as Baba Jai Gurudev– 
    A Religious Leader died at the age of 116 years

    July 2012:

    On 12th July 2012 Mr.Dara Singh– 
    Wrestler/Actor ( Hanuman) died at the ager of 83 years

    On 19th July 2012  Mr. Rajesh Khanna/Kaka- 
    First Super-Star of Bollywood died at the age of 69 years

    On 23rd July 2012 Capt.Lakshmi Sehgal–  
    A Freedom Fighter/ Companion of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose died at the age of 97 years

    August 2012:

    On 14th August 2012 Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh
    A politician ex- Chief Minister of Maharashtra died at the age of 67 years

    On 15th August 2012 Mr.Ashok Mehta– 
    Hindi FilmCinematographer/Director died at the age of 64 years

    On 26th August 2012 Mr. A.K.Hangal- 
    Bollywood character actor (Sholay) died at the age of 95 years

    September 2012:
     On 9th September 2012 Mr.Verghese Kurien – 
    Founder of “Amul”Dairy Firm (Father of White Revolution in India) died at the age of 90 years

    October 2012:

    On 21st October 2012 Mr.Yash Chopra- 
    Hindi Film Producer (King of Romance Films) died at the age of 80 years

    On 23rd October 2012 Mr. Sunil Gangopadhyay– 
    Bengali writer and Sahitya Akadmi President died at the age of 78 years

    On 24th October 2012 Mr.Jaspal Bhatti– 
    Hindi-Television -Serials Comedian died at the age of 57 years

    November 2012:

    On 2nd November 2012 Mr. Yerran Naidu- 
    Senior Telugu Desam Party Leader died at the age of 55 years

    On 17th November 2012 Mr. Bal Thackeray– 
    Shiv Sena Supremo died at the age of 86 years

    On 4th November 2012, Mr. Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni/Chef Jacob-
    Guinness Record-Barbeque Cook of Tamilnadu died at the age of 38 years 

    On 30th November 2012 Mr. /Inder Kumar Gujral/I.K.Gujral– 
    Former Prime Minister of India died at the age of 93 years

    December 2012 :

     On 11th December 2012 Pandit- Ravi Shankar– 
    Sitar Artist died at the ageage of 92 years

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