Highlights of Indian Union Railway Budget for the year 2015-16

The following are the key areas of ‘thrust’ of the Indian Union Railways Budget 2015-16:

  • Indian Railways to become the prime mover of economy again
  • Resources mobilization for higher investments
  • Decongestion of heavy haul routes and speeding up of trains- emphasis on gauge conversions, doubling, tripling and electification
  • Projects Delivery
  • Passengers’ amenities
  • Safety
  • Transparency and System Improvement
  • Indian Railways to continue to be the preferred mode of transportation for the people and
  • Sustainabilty

The following are the Goals for Indian Railways to transform over next five years :

  • To deliver a sustained and measurable improvement in customer experience.
  • To make Rail a safer means of travel.
  • To expand Bhartiya Rail ‘s capacity substantially and modernise infrastructure.
  • To increase daily passenger carrying capacity from 21million to 30 million: increase track length by 20% from 1,14,000 km to 1,38,000 km: grow our annual freight carrying capacity from 1 billion to 1.5 billion tonnes.
  • To make Bhartiya Rail financially self -sustainable. Generate large surpluses from operations not only to service the debt needed to fund our capacity expansion, but also to invest on an on-going basis to replace our depreciating assets.

The Following are some of the Highlights of the Indian Union Railways Budget for the year 2015-16:

  • There is NO INCREASE or NO DECREASE in Passenger Railway Fares
  • There are no Details of New Trains and Increased Frequencies of Trains in the budget and the same will be announced later after review in the Parliament
  • Rs 8.5 Lakshs Crores will be invested in Railways in the next 5 years
  • Advance Reservation of tickets can be made 120 days/4 months in advance
  • Unreseserved Tickets can be purchased within 5 minutes, by ‘Operation 5 Minutes’ Scheme
  • A New Department for Cleanliness will be formed and professional agencies will be engaged and the railways staff will be trained in integrated cleaning
  • Bio-Toilets and Airplane-Type Vaccum Toilets will be fitted in trains
  • More toilets will be provided in Railway stations
  • Disposable Bed linen will be designed by NIFT and bed linen can be booked online
  • Surveillance cameras will be fixed in selected coaches and ladies compartments for women’s safety without compromising on privacy
  • Wi-Fi will be provided in more Railway Stations- in all B Category Stations
  • Mobile Phone Charging Facilities will be provided in all compartments of all the trains, including the General Compartments
  • Wheel Chairs for Senior Citizens can be booked online
  • Satelite Railway Terminals will be set up in major cities
  • Centrally managed Rail Display Network will be introduced in more than 2000 Railway stations in the next 2 years
  • All India 24/7 Helpline: 138 from March 2015 and Toll Free No For Security: 182
  • 3438 Railway crossings will be replaced by construction of 917 Road Under Bridges and Over Bridges at a cost of Rs 6581 crores
  • 4 Railway Research Centers will be started in 4 Universities
  • Capacity in identified trains will be augmented to run with 26 coaches
  • More General class coaches will be added in identified trains
  • National Institute of Design/NID will design user friendly ladders for climbing upper berths in Sleeper 
  • Quota of lower berths for senior citizens will be increased
  • Travelling Ticket Examiners/TTE’s will be instructed to help senior citizens, pregnant women and differently-abled persons in obtaining lower berths
  • The Middle bay of coaches will be reserved for women and senior citizens
  • The newly manufactured coaches will be Braille enabled
  • The coaches will be built with wider entrances for the ease of differently-abled passengers
  • Speed of 9 railway corridors to be increased from existing 110 kmph to 160 kmph and from 130 kmph to 200 kmph
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siddhu singh
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ajaipal kumar
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