Try Naural Ways of Getting Sleep;Don’t take Sleeping Pills

When you have problems in getting sleep in the normal course, and if you have Insomnia or “Sleeplessness”, you have to consult your doctor, who will prescribe Sleeping Pill if necessary, if the problem in sleeping is severe. The sleeping pill prescribed by the doctor will be tried for a short period only. Tranquillizers are mild sleeping pills or depressant drugs that slow down the central nervous system and help to sleep,which are anti-anxiety agents, sedatives or hypnotics.

Tranquillizers are used as sedatives before some surgical and medical procedures, and they are also used during alcohol withdrawal. For High Blood Pressure Patients and Heart Disease Patients, doctors normally prescribe tranquillizer for having normal sleepl As such patients normally have to take medicines for High BP or Heart Disease, they have to use sleeping pills or tranquillizers on a continuous process. Even if the doctors advise them to try to sleep without tranquillizers, they normally cannot sleep without taking them, as they become used to them, or got addicted in a way. The tranquillizers are basically, Benzodiazepines, having various brand names, of various pharmaceautical companies.

The effects of tranquillizers taken will depend on:-

  • Quantity of drug taken at a time
  • Past drug experience of the patient
  • Manner in which the drug is taken

You must understand that Sleeping pills are bad for your body, as they are unnatural solution to a natural problem of sleeplessness and the use of sleeping pills will affect your daytime functioning.

Continuous use of sleeping pills or tranquillizers will make you psychologically and physically dependent on them. Risk of dependency will increase if sleeping pills or tranquillizers are taken regularly for more than a few months.

The side effects of taking sleeping pills or tranquillizers are:-

  • Headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • Light-headedness
  • Unsteadiness
  • Confusion
  • Forgetfulness
  • Dependence
  • Withdrawal
  • Increase in aggression
  • Muscle weakness
  • Amnesia

For young people it is advisable to try some natural ways of getting normal sleep, without resorting to sleeping pills or tranquillizers, unless advised specifically by doctor in case of some chronic sleep disorder. You must not get Over The Counter Sleeping pills simply because you find it difficult to get sleep. Try to form a habit of going to bed at a fixed early time, even if you do not get immediate sleep. Go to bed and try to read something and you will get sleep. Do not watch TV or browse Internet, because you do not get sleep. Try to understand the need for enough sleep for your health practise to cultivate a good sleeping habit in the natural way.

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