Responsibe Self Medication

Nowadays as diseases have increased in number and variety the medicines for various diseases also are available in plenty.

In those days, doctors will give the patients some tablets, even without telling the names of the medicines, and most of the time they will remove the cover of the tablet and fold it in papers and give to the patients and advise to take them for three times a day for three days etc.

The patients will also take them without knowing the names or composition of the medicines.

In the process of increasing number of doctors and medical shops, along with the increasing diseases, the trend changed and patients started to know the names companies and the composition of the medicines prescribed by the doctors.

In the development of Internet Browsing facilities to know about diseases, treatments and the medicines the present day patients know the details of medicines for various diseases.

This advancement in the knowledge of diseases, treatments and medicines Self Medication has increased considerably.

Over The Counter Medicines (OTC) are available at Medical shops and many patients have the habit of getting medicines from their known Medical Shops without a doctor’s prescription.

The Over The Counter Medicines include, Pain relievers/killers, Cough Syrups/Tablets, Anti allergic tablets, Laxatives, Vitamins Tablets, General Tonics, Antacids etc.

Normally the Self Medications work as the medications prescribed by the doctors after check up, diagnosis etc.

However, sometimes there are adverse effects of Self Medication.

As many pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing and marketing various medicines in various combinations, some medicines have adverse/dangerous side effects.

This is when Self Medication becomes dangerous.

To avoid and minimize the dangers of self-medication, patients must be educated on the dangers of indiscriminate use of drugs and Self Medication.

There is a Federation of Manufacturers of Medicines by name, “International Pharamaceutical Federation”(FIP), and also there is a forum by name “World Self Medication Industry”(WSMI).

In June 1999, both the above Organizations have published a Joint Delclaration on “Responsible Self Medication”, outlining the definition of Self Medication and the responsibilities of the Pharmacists on Self Medications and the Manufacturers of Non Prescription Medications.

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