Smile is normally Contagious-Keep Smiling-Spread Happiness

“Smile Please”. 

You will often hear this from still photographers.

When you stand in a group in a Wedding Reception or some other function, the still photographer will say “Smile Please” before taking a snap.

Do you know, why?

If you keep your face without a smile, you will look sad/bad in the photograph.

Smile is an exercise of muscles of your mouth.

If you turn up both the ends of your mouth, it is a smile of your lips.

If you turn down the ends of your mouth it will be a sign of sadness, frowning or blinking.

You try saying “Cheese” and your mouth will show a smile.

The real and natural smile must come from within your heart and out of “Cheers” and not by saying “Cheese”.

Your artificial or fake smile will be easily identified the onlookers.

Smile is normally contagious, and if you smile at a known person coming on the road, facing you, if you smile normally, the other person will also smile.

Smile is a form of greeting, recognizing the coming or the presence of a person, and a sign of approval.

Depending on the situation and the person smiling and the person whom he/she smiles at, a smile will have a number of meanings and messages.

Smiling is a mild and silent form of Laughing. Laughter of men and women differ in the way of laughing.

Babies start laughing from the age of about 3 to 4 months. Smile will indicate happiness, joy, and sharing of both with others. Real and Natural Smile is contagious.

Though some Monkeys/Chympanzies are said to laugh and Hyena a laughing donkey-cum-tiger produces sounds like laughing, it is said that Man is the only Living being with the gift of Laughing/Smiling.  

Keep Smiling; be happy: Spread Happiness.

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