Summary of the Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh’s Independence Day 2012 Address

My dear countrymen, brothers, sisters and dear children,

I greet you all on this anniversary of our Independence.We have achieved much in these 65 years.
Today is certainly a day to celebrate the success of our democracy.

However, on this occasion we should also introspect about what remains to be done. We would achieve independence in the true sense only when we are able to banish from our country:

  • poverty,
  • illiteracy,
  • hunger and
  • backwardness.
This would be possible only when we learn from our failures and build on our successes.

As far as creating an environment within the country for rapid economic growth is concerned,
I believe that we are not being able to achieve this because of a lack of political consensus on many issues.

I promise to you today that our Government will work hard for India’s rapid economic growth and for shielding the country from the effects of the global economic slowdown.

I promise that we will work hard for creation of new employment opportunities for our young men and women living in villages and cities.

We will make every possible effort to secure the livelihood of our poor brothers and sister, our workers and our farmers.

We will leave no stone unturned to encourage investment in our country so that our entrepreneurs can make
a substantial contribution to our economy.

We want to create many new job opportunities for our youth in the coming years. To achieve this it is necessary that we train them in skills which our economy needs.

This year we will present the Twelfth Five Year Plan for consideration of the National Development Council. The Plan would determine the future course of action on all important matters relating to the country’s development.

I would like to emphasise here that our armed forces and paramilitary forces have defended the security of our country  both during war and peace with valour and honour.

Our soldiers have made the biggest of sacrifices, whenever needed. Today I would like to reassure our countrymen that  our armed forces and paramilitary forces are prepared to face any challenge.

The Government will continue to work for modernizing these forces and providing them with
the necessary technology and equipment.

Today, I would like to thank our security forces, who are guarding our frontiers bravely, from the bottom of my heart. We will continue to make efforts for their welfare.

Our Government has paid special attention to the welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, minorities,
women and other weaker sections.

I believe that no power in the world can stop our country from achieving new heights of progress and development.

What is needed is that we work together as one people for the success of our country.
Let us once more resolve that we will continue to work for a progressive, modern and prosperous India.

Dear children join me in saying Jai Hind,
Jai Hind,Jai Hind.

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