Eco-Friendly Beaches to be developed in Andaman Islands

“The Andamans” are a group of 572 islands, inhabited and uninhabited, in the southeastern part of the Bay of Bengal. Annual tourist arrivals has increased from 33,716 tourist arrivals recorded in 1990, to 130,000 in September 2009.The Andaman&Nicobar Islands Government has decided to develop 36 beach-sites on the islands, to promote “Eco-Friendly Tourism”.

Three Beach sites in the outer islands to be promoted under PPP (Public Private Partnership) mode are:-
1. Hut Bay,
2. Neil island and
3. Lalji Bay

The administration will set up:-

  • canopy walkways,
  • luxury cottages,
  • luxury boats-services

to attract high-end tourists. Plans are there to start more sound and light shows and setting up de-compressions chambers for scuba drivers in the islands in the near future

A comprehensive tourism policy has been formulated with detailed deliberations from:-

  • local tourism industries,
  • entrepreneurs,
  • academicians and
  • other stake holders.

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