Mental Health

An estimated 400 million people worldwide suffer from mental or neurological disorders or from psychosocial problems. These include disorders related to alcohol and drug abuse. We should not fear those experiencing a mental illness. It can happen to anyone.

Like physical disorders mental and brain disorders vary in severity. They are, Transient, like an acute stress disorder; Periodic like bipolar disorder, characterized by periods of exaggerated elation followed by periods of depression, and long lasting and progressive. like Alzheimer’s disease.

People with mental illnesses should never suffer alone. People with mental illnesses, disorder or disabilities often have no one to care for them and many are being discriminated.

We must give them the necessary support. It is also important for people to know that many of these mental disorders and diseases are treatable and curable.

There are a number of misconceptions and myths about mental illnesses and mental disorders. The following are the most common misconceptions and myths that people often associate with mental illnesses and disorders:

Mental and brain disorders just a figment of one’s imagination.

No. they are real illnesses that cause suffering and disability.

It is impossible to help someone with a mental or brain disorder.

No, treatments exist. Something can be done for all mental and neurological disorders.

Some people recover completely, others have a more difficult time, but in all cases there can be an alleviation of suffering through different methods. Help can be found from the medical profession at two levels, in the form of general health workers such as doctors and nurses and then with specialized health workers such as psychologists/psychiatrists, for mental disorders and neurologists, for brain disorders.

Mental or brain disorders are brought on by a weakness in character.

No. They are caused by biological, psychological and social factors. Mental illness is one of the major afflictions of mankind that has had little support in the past. During the last half century there has been quite a revolution in the understanding and treatment of major mental illness such as depression, schizophrenia, manic depression and anxiety.Rather than a flaw in the character or a consequence of dysfunctional family, research has shown that mental illness has biological roots.

We have to just lock up persons with a mental illness.

No. People with a mental illness can function and should not be isolated.

People with a mental disorder need love and attention and care.

We must dare to challenge the myths and the misconceptions

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