Sleep is Common for Animals, Birds, Reptiles and Man

Mice have become a nuisance and unsolvable problem in our houses, offices and shops. Have you ever imagined when, where and how these troublesome mice sleep? Mice sleep mostly during day-time for 14 hours in holes made by them in our houses and surroundings; and inside boxes/things etc. kept by us under the cots, over the lofts, in the kitchen shelves and wherever things are dumped by us providing hiding places for the mice, and they sleep mostly in sitting posture.

Sleep is a common activity of all living beings, namely, animals, birds, reptiles and men inspite of differences in :-

  • anatomy,
  • physiology,
  • environment and
  • modes of adaptation to their environment.

The Sleep-pattern of the animals, birds, reptiles and men also are different. The time of sleep of some of the animals are:-

  • Deer-3 hours,
  • Elephant-4 hours,
  • Whale-5 hours,
  • Monkey-9 hours,
  • Cat-12 hours,
  • Bat-20 hours,
  • Mice-14 hours and Men-8 hours.

As sleep hours differ, the places of sleep and the sleeping style also vary in different animals and birds.

  • Some sleep in their dwelling places such as burrows, dens, caves and nests,
  • Some sleep in open places,
  • Bats sleep in hanging position,
  • Mice and many other animals and birds sleep during day-time,
  • Horses sleep in standing posture,
  • Some birds sleep while standing,
  • Some birds sleep while swimming or floating in water,
  • Owls sleep during day-time,
  • Many reptiles sleep with their eyes kept open and
  • Men sleep lying down in closed rooms.

For the past 20 years Sleep Studies on sleep of different animals, birds, reptiles and Men are undertaken. However, the reasons for the different sleeping times, postures and the need for sleep have not yet been fully known. Further researches and studies on sleep will reveal the secrets of sleep in various living beings, which will be helpful in solving many Sleep disorders found in human beings.

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