Do You Know the History of “Cine&Television Artistes’ Association” of India/CINTAA ?

In the year 1939, an association in the name- “Film Artistes’ Association of India”/FAAI was formed for the film artists in India.

In the year 1954, the name ‘Film Artistes’ Association of India’ /FIAA was changed to ‘Film Artiste’s Guild’/FAG

On 24th February 1958 in the meeting of the ‘Film Artistes’ Guild’,the name was again changed to  ‘Character Artistes’ Association’.

On 18th August 1960, in an Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting of the ‘Character Artiste’s Association ’the name was again changed to ‘Cine Artistes’ Association’ to enable to include all the film artists in the association.

Finally, on 15th August 1997, the name of the ‘Cine Artistes’Association’ was changed to ‘Cine&TV Artistes’ Association’ /CINTAA,  to enable the Television Artists also to become the members of the Association.

The following are the  Objectives of the Cine Artistes’ Association/CINTAA:

  • To safeguard the interest of the members, to have meetings, lectures for better understanding and personal contacts among the members,
  • To help the needy and deserving members with medical and financial assistance during their life time and to their family members/dependents after the demise of the members.
  • To collect money for the ‘corpus fund’ of the association by conducting/participating in functions and variety shows, 
  • To provide Free( The Premiums will be paid by CINTAA) Accident – Group Insurance of upto Rs 2 Lakhs upto the age of 80 years, covering death and disabilities, 
  • To help to recover disputed remunerations of the member-artists from the producers, by interacting with the concerned producers and their associations, through its ‘Disputes Settlement Committee’.

The ‘Cine&TV Artistes’ Association’/CINTAA is having an understanding with the ‘Film Producers’ Associations’ and there is a ‘Joint Dispute Settlement Committee’ for settling the disputes of the members with the producers.

The following is a List of Office Bearers of CINTAA / IFAA for the year 2015-2016:-
Name of the Post / Name of the Artist:

President /Om Puri

Om Puri

Vice President /Manoj Joshi

Manoj Joshi

Hon. Secretary / Shri Sushant Singh

Sushant Singh

Hon. Treasurer /Shri Darshan Jariwala

Darshan Jariwala

Joint Secretary /Shri Amit Behl

Amit Behl

The following is a List of Committees and Sub Committees and their Chairperson and Members:-

Name of Committee /Chairperson and Members:

Dispute Settlement Committee/ 

Chairperson /Shri Amit Behl – Chairperson


Ms. Pallavi Joshi
Shri Manoj Joshi
Ms. Sahila Chadha
Scrutiny Committee/

Chairperson-Ms. Pallavi Joshi

Pallavi Joshi


Ms. Sahila Chadha
Ms. Himani Shivpuri
Shri Amit Behl

Vigilance Committee/

Chairperson-  Shri Manoj Joshi


Shri Gulshan Pandey
Shri Amit Behl
Ms. Sahila Chadha
Ms. Hemani Shivpuri
Care Committee/

Chairperson-  Ms. Sahila Chadha

Sahila Chadha

Ms. Himani Shivpuri
Shri Manoj Joshi
Public Relation Committee/

Public Relations Officer- Shri Darshan Jariwala  

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