China appreciates India’s stand on Tibet

The Nobel Laureate-Dalai Lama has been living in exile in India since the year 1959. After fleeing Tibet following a failed uprising against China Dalai Lama has been a respected guest of India.Now, Dalai Lama is touring in Arunachal Pradesh. China is unhappy about Dalai Lama’s tour. Arunachal Pradesh is involved in the unresoved border dispute between India and China. India has supported Dalai Lama’s tour in Arunachal Pradesh, as it is a part of India. However, India has urged the Tibetian monk not to engage in political activities during his tour in Arunachal Pradesh, which could hurt India’s ties with China.

China’s foreign Minister Mr. Yang Jiechi spoke to the Indian Foreign Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee over phone and discussed:-

  • the Tibet- issue,
  • bilateral relations and
  • the Olympic Torch relay in New Delhi.

China has appreciated India’s stand on Tibet. According to Mr. Mukherjee, India will support China in hosting the Olympic Games which belongs to the people of the whole world and India is proud that the Olympics Games are going to be held in Asia.

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