Ms.Meira Kumar unanimously elected as Speaker of Lok Sabha

Union Minister of Water Resources in UDA Government, Ms.Meira Kumar of Indian National Congress has been unanimously elected as the Speaker of the 15th Lok Sabha of India. Ms.Meira Kumar is the first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha. The name of Ms.Kumar was proposed by Ms.Sonia Gandhi and seconded by Mr.Pranab Mukerjee and approved by voice votes by the members of the Parliament unanimously.

Many leaders from various Political parties, including Mr.L K Advani, Ms.Mamata Banerjee, Mr,T R Baalu, Mr.Arjun Charan Sethi, Mr.Sharad
Yadav,Mr.Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mr.Lalu Prasad, Mr.Ram Sundar Das Mr.Sharad Pawar, Mr.Farooq Abdullah and Mr.E Ahmed also tabled their motions proposing Ms.Meira Kumar for the post of Speaker of Lok Sabha.

Sixy four years old Ms. Meira Kumar is the daughter of late Mr.Jagjivan Ram and she was elected from Sasaram in Bihar.

Ms.Meira Kumar’s services as a distinguished diplomat, 25 years in Parliament and her role as a Minister would stand her in good stead to execute her onerous job well unbiased. While thanking the members of the Parliament for having selected her as the Speaker of Lok Sabha, Mrs.Meirs Kumar assured that she will be completely impartial in the conduct of the proceedings and that she will give equal opportunities all the members to express their views. Also she requested all the MP’s to co-operate with her to conduct the Parliamentary sessions smoothly and help to pass legislations for the welfare of the nation unitedly.

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