Why Road Accidents are Increasing?

We note from Newspapers and Television News, that Road Accidents, of four wheelers/buses, lorries, trucks, three wheelers/auto-rickshaws and two wheelers/motor bikes, scooters, mopeds, bicycles etc., are increasing day by day. What are the reasons for this increase in road accidents? It has been found that there are three main factors for the road accidents.

1.Human factors 2.Defects in the Vehicles 3 Defects in the Roads
Out of the above three factors, it has also been found that 90% of the road accidents are due to the Human Factors, and the balance 10% caused by the other two factors.

The number of motor vehicles on road is constantly and rapidly increasing. In the modern and busy world of today, people are impatient and everybody always rushes. People do not plan their trips properly, and they tend to drive in a hurry. The people driving or riding do not adhere to the set rules and regulations of traffic. Nobody is ready to adjust with others driving or riding on the roads, and there is no co-operation in using the roads with many limitations.

Almost all vehicles are insured, and the drivers of public transports like, buses and lorries are well aware of the fact that they are not liable for any compensation against the affected in the accidents caused by their mistakes while driving. The owners will look after the compensation part and the Insurance Policies will take care of the same. The laws in force for punishing the erring drivers were coded some 150 years back. The lack of serious punishment for rash driving and violation of “Traffic Rules” makes the drivers irresponsible. Pedestrians, walking on the roads also must follow traffic rules and use commonsense in crossing the roads. Some road accidents are caused by the pedestrians, violating general rules in walking in roads. Some people walking after taking alcoholic drinks, some children, and even some cattle on the roads cause road accidents.

The Vehicle users do not pay proper attention to keep the vehicles in good conditions. Brakes, Headlights, Steering, Tyres and Choke etc., must be checked for good condition.

The bad condition of the roads is an important factor in road accidents.
Dangerous turnings and potholes on roads become the cause for many road accidents.

There are some bad and dangerous cocktails:-

  • Driving & Alcoholic Drinks
  • Driving & Talking in Mobile Phones
  • Driving & Thinking about some Problem/Domestic or Official
  • Driving & Talking with the Pillion Rider
  • Driving & Vehicle in Bad conditions
  • Driving & Lack of Good Driving Practice
  • Driving & Poor Eye-sight
  • Driving & Not wearing Seat belt
  • Driving & Not wearing Helmet
  • Driving & Not possessing Driving License
  • Driving & Not having Insurance
  • Driving & Over speed
All must avoid the above bad cocktails / combinations of driving(the list is not exhaustive) and try to avoid/minimize road accidents of any type.

It is an obvious fact that road accidents can be reduced or avoided, by correcting the Human factors and also by keeping the vehicles in proper conditions and improving the quality of the roads.

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