Indian Tata Steel and Wipro – Recognized as World’s Most Ethical Companies

Tata Steel one of the leading Indian ‘Iron and Steel’– Companies  and  Wipro Ltd, one of the leading Indian ‘Software Companies’–have  been recognized as 2 of  the  “World’s Most Ethical companies”  in the years 2012 and 2013, consecutively by  the “Ethisphere Institute”, a leading -American-International Business Ethics Ranking Institute, dedicated to  the creation, advancement and sharing of the  best practices in business ethics, governance,anti-corruption and sustainability.

The “Ethisphere Institute” has since published its 7th Annual Rankings List for the year 2013, having published the first list in the year 2007.

Alex Brigham, ED "Ethisphere Institute"

According to  Alex Brigham, the Executive Director of “Ethisphere Institute”, more companies had applied this year than in the past years, for the recognition, affirming that ethical activity was an important part of their business models.

Companies from more than 100- Countries, across 36 industries- verticals had applied for the recognition in  the list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies- 2013.

A record 145 companies made the 2013 list  include  more than 36 industries- verticals, from ‘Aerospace.

And 43 of the above 145 World’s Most Ethica l/ WME-Companies  are headquartered outside the U.S.A.

H.M.Nerurkar MD Tata Steel

According to H.M. Nerurkar, the Managing Director of  Tata Steel the  ethical business principles and practices have been the key differentiators of Tata Group and Tata Steel since inception.

Anurag Behar CSO Wipro Ltd
According to Anurag Behar, the Chief Sustainability Officer of Wipro Ltd. their constant endeavor has been to keep raising the bar for themselves and to do so collaboratively with their:
  • Key stakeholders,
  • Employees, 
  • Customers, 
  • Suppliers and 
  • Investors

and this recognition  of The “Ethisphere Institute”  is for Wipro’s  strong commitment to ethical leadership,  compliance practices and  corporate citizenship.

It i s notable that only the above 2 Indian Companies, Tata Steel and Wipro Ltd have been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute in the lists of the World’s Most Ethical / WME Companies

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