Health Benefits of Cheese

Cheese is essentially concentrated milk with many nutrients such as:-

  • Calcium,
  • Protein and
  • Phosphorus.


Being a product of milk, cheese is highly saturated fat/LDL Cholesterol, which is not good for our heart. However, in the countries like France and Greece where the consumption of cheese is very high, the rate of heart diseases are very low. This discrepancy regarding cheese is called “French Paradox”. People of France and Greece consume red wine in plenty and it may be a reason why the bad effect of LDL Cholesterol in cheese is having the least impact on them.

The calcium, protein, and phosphorus in cheese will protect tooth enamel. So eating cheese is good for our dental health. Also, cheese will increase saliva flow in our mouth which will wash away acids and sugars. Cheese will have an antibacterial effect in our mouth.

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13 years ago

I wonder if the French eat cheese everyday, and how much they consume in a day– that would be an interesting study. And, add wine consumption to the survey as well!

15 years ago

good info