Indian Couple Convicted by a Norway Court For “Child Abuse” of Their Own Son

An Indian Software Engineer (an employee of TCS)  Mr.Chandrasekhar Vallabhaneni from Hyderabad,
Andhrapradesh had been staying in Norway from the year 2007, with his wife Mrs.Anupama
and their 7 years old son, studying in a school at Norway.

The couple’s son had been found wetting his pants in the school bus and the boy used to bring home
toys from the school.

When this was reported to the father he had threatened that he would be sent
back to India.

Both the father and the mother had been treating their son very badly with scolding, threatening, beating violently with belt or similar things,  burning his leg with a hot spoon  or similar objects causing burn marks on his leg and threatening him to brand his tongue with a hot spoon. They perhaps had done all these to correct
their son’s behaviour.

When the teacher in his school asked the son about the injury in his leg, he told the teacher about his parents’ maltreatment and threatening to send him back to India for his wetting his pants in the school bus.

The teacher made a police complaint against the Indian parents about their “Child Abuse” and maltreatment of the boy for more than 6 or 7 months.

The Indian couple were arrested by the police of Norway and enquired by the Oslo District Court of Norway.

On enquiry into their alleged ‘serious child abuse’, the Indian couple have been found guilty and sentenced
by the Norway court, with unconditional jail terms of:

  • 18 months to the father and
  • 5 months to the mother.
The Indian Consulate officials have been in touch with the accused/convicted Indian parents and their
lawyer. The couple will be making appeals against the convictions to the High Court in Norway.
The saying ,”Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child” may be right.  However, the “Rod” should be rightly used without wounding the child physically and mentally.

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