10 Interesting Facts About Sports in India!

Ministry of Sports in India:
In India, the “Department of Sports” was formed in 1982 (after 35 years of Independence) at the time of organization of the IX Asian Games in New Delhi .

The Department’s name was changed to the “Department of Youth affairs and  Sports”, in the year 1985,during celebration of the International Youth Year.

The above Department became a “Ministry”on 27th May,2000.

Subsequently, the” Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports” was bifurcated into two Departments,namely, the  ” Department  of Youth Affairs” and the  “Department of Sports” under two separate Secretaries w.e.f. 30th April,2008.

Chess Originated in India:
The popular “International Sports”-Chess was originally invented in India.

The original and the early game of ‘Chess’ was called “Chaturanga“/”Chaturangam”.

Martial Arts Originated in India:
The “Martial Arts”/’Art of Self Defence’ originated and created first in India.

And later the ‘martial arts’ was spread to the Asian countries by the Buddhist-monks and missionaries.

India in Olympics Games:
India had participated in the ‘Olympic Games’ for the first time in the year 1900.

Indian athlete Norman Pritchard participated in the 1900 Olympics representing India and won two medals.

Olympics Medals won by India:
India has won only 26 medals since 1900 till 2012 in Olympic Games.

IPL in India:
India’s “Indian Premier League” /“IPL”-Cricket  is the second-richest sports league after the “National Basket Ball Association” /“NBA” of the United States of America/USA, according to Forbes agazine.

Snakes and Ladders Games Originated in India:
The “Snakes  and Ladders”-Games was created in India, by a 13th century poet-Saint Gyadev.
The original name of the game was “Paramabhadham”/”Mokshapath”.

Playing Cards Games Originated in India:
The Cards Games/Playing Cards originated from India and further modified by other countries.

Polo Originated in India:
The Polo sports also originated from India and further modified by other countries.

Is “Hockey”the National Games of  India?:
The Field Hockey was considered to be the ‘National Games/Spots’ of India. However, recently the Government of India has confirmed that “Hockey” is not the official games/sports of India, in replying a query in “Right To Information”/”RTI” process and in fact no games/sports has been announced officially by the Government of India.

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Prachi Tehlan
Prachi Tehlan
9 years ago

This is interesting.. there should be more information regarding the indian sports other than cricket!