Wipro promotes diversified activities to build Brand Identity

“Wipro Technologies Ltd” has planned to use the Social Networking Media to promote the Group’s diversified activities. The company has planned to build a Brand Identity for Wipro around the following three pillars:-

  • Ecology,
  • Education and
  • Innovation.

The Wipro Group, one of the IT- giants of India, is planning to concentrate more effectivley, on the following non-IT areas:-

  • Lighting,
  • Energy,
  • Environment and
  • Consumer Care.

The Wipro Group is already dominating in non-IT areas such as Consumer-
Care and Lighting, Wipro is better known in the public as an “IT Company”. The sales of the soap “Santoor” is the third in the country. However, people do not realise that “Santoor soap” is a product of the Wipro Group.

The Management of Wipro is planning to change this situation, by concentrating more in popularising and establishing ‘Brand Identity’ in all the above non-IT fields also.

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