Restrictions to curb Malpractice in Tamilnadu State Board Examinations March 2010

To curb the malpractice of copying in the examinations, the Directorate of Government Examinations has instructed the Examinations-Superintendents of the Tamilnadu State Board Examinations in March 2010 not to allow the candidates to wear :-

  • shoes,
  • sox,
  • belts and
  • modern wrist-watches &

not to allow them to carry inside the examination hall:-

  • mobile Phones,
  • calculators,
  • scraps / ‘bits’ of paper etc.,

In the view of the ‘Tamilnadu Board of Examinations’, it would be more effective and a foolproof measure, if such above things are not allowed inside the examination hall, instead of conducting random checks of for the scraps/bits of paper with answers hidden inside the shoes, sox, modern watches, belts etc. of the candidates, and snatch the students copying from “bits.”

Also according to the Board, if the students prefer to hide the bits/scraps or answer materials inside their clothes, it will be difficult for them to take out and copy and it is comparatively easy for the hall supervisors to detect such malpractice.

So it appears that the Board has not yet thought of asking the candidates to change their dress and wear some special dress for appearing for the examinations. If copying from “bits” is not controlled by the board’s proposed restrictions, we may expect even the restriction/s on dress imposed by the authorities.

The students and the candidates appearing for examinations must change their attitude and avoid any kind of malpractice in examinations. If the education does not create such a change in the students, what is the use of “education” at all?

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Venkatesh Gondral
Venkatesh Gondral
14 years ago

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