This Century’s Longest Solar Eclipse

The longest Solar eclipse of this century will be seen by the people of Asia on 22nd July 2009. The eclipse will first appear in the Gulf of Khambhat north of Mumbai and it will move eastwards across India, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China and hit the Pacific.

The Solar eclipse will cross some southern Japanese islands and will last be visible from land at Nikumaroro Island in the South Pacific nation of Kiribati. A partial eclipse will be visible across most parts of Asia.

The previous total eclipse, in August 2008, lasted two minutes and 27 seconds, whereas this one will last six minutes and 39 seconds at its maximum point. Scientists are hoping data from the eclipse will help explain solar flares and other structures of the sun and why they erupt.

We will have to wait for a few hundred years for another opportunity to observe a solar eclipse which will last for this long-time.

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