You take bath Twice daily or atleast once

If you observe your ceiling fan newly fitted, after some days of running, there will be so much of dust and dirt. Do you know where-from the blades of the fan get so much of dust? Of course, from the atmospheric air filled with dust and dirt only.

In the same way,your entire body including your head will get dirt and dust deposited as you are exposed to air, from which you will get dust, dirt, germs and bacteria.

You have to wash your hands and legs with water and soap, to get rid of the dirt and dust depositing on your hands and legs as you use your hands for various types of works by which you touch dust and dirt. Also by walking with your feet you will get dust and dirt on your feet. So, you have to wash your hands and legs with water, preferably applying soap. By washing with soap and water you can remove the dirt,germs and bacterias stuck up to your hands and legs.

You have to wash your body and head/scalp with water and soap to get rid of the dust and dirt. If you do not have a body wash/bath your skin’s pores will be stuck up with dust dirt and bacteria, obstructing perspiration/sweating by which your human skin sends out the impurities from your blood.

Skin is one of the most important organs of your human body removing the impurities of y our body system, like your digestive, urinal and respirative systems, working for removing various impurities of your human body. If you do not clean the sweating, the impurities sent out by sweating will get blocked in the skin pores and obstruct further sweating.

You have to wash your skin of the entire body including scalp/head frequently. For the practical convenience you have to wash them atleast once daily, which is called a water bath. You can take more than a bath daily. There is a misconception that by taking frequent head bath the hair will become weak and tend to fall. It is not correct. So bath should include head bath also. Once in two days you can have Shampoo Bath, to keep the scalp and hair in good condition.

There are many benefits of taking bath daily at-least once or twice, after getting up in the morning, after doing physical exercise or going for a walking or jogging or running exercise and in the evening after finishing our work or in the night before going to sleep.

It is advisable to have your bath with warm water, avoiding too hot or too cold water. By taking bath you get your body cleaned and also you will feel fresh, relaxed and energetic.

When patients are hospitalized, when they cannot take water bath, they are given “Towel Bath”. That is their skin will be cleaned by a wet towel to clean the skin of the entire body.

You can take bath by:-

  • Pouring water on your head and body
  • By having a shower
  • Immersing in a bath tub

depending on your convenience and availability. If you are having sleeping problems, it is advisable to have a warm water bath, in the late evening after finishing the work, or in the night just before going to bed for sleep.

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