Oscar award winning child actress Rubina

Mr. Rafiq Ali Qureshi, the father of Miss. Rubina who acted in the Oscar winning film, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is said to have tried to sell his nine years old daughter for a price of 2 Lakhs Pound Sterlings/1.475 Crores Indian Rupees, to some wealthy Arab Sheik.

A popular newspaper “The News of the World” has published the photographs of Miss. Rubina and Mr.Rafiq Ali Qureshi and also posted a video of the sting operation titled “Oscar Girl for Sale” on their website.

However, Mr. Rafiq had denied the allegation against him and he has said that it was a conspiracy to malign him. Mr. Rafiq told about the meeting with the Sheik’s family and the paper news and the video, ” They said that Sheikh’s wife wanted to adopt Rubina but I said, ‘I can’t give away my child’. They called me again the next day and talked in English. I could not understand but said yes to whatever they said. I never knew it would create such a controversy. I will never sell Rubina. The voice in the video is not mine.”

Mrs Munni Rafiq, Rubina’s stepmother has seconded her husband’s statement and said “An Arab lady had approached us to adopt Rubina but her father told her that she could come and meet the child but we will not give her up.”

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