Persons charge-sheeted for Major Crimes must be barred from contesting Elections

The Election Commission of India has already made a proposal to implement the law that anybody who is convicted for criminal offences cannot contest in elections. The Government has yet to take a decision on the proposal of the EC.

The former Chief Election Commissioner Mr. N. Gopalaswamy told press persons that such a law barring the charge-sheeted persons from contesting elections in Municipalities and Panchayats of Rajasthan. He suggested that such a rule can be implemented in other states also.

Mr. N. Gopalaswamy pointed out that the use of money power was another major problem facing the electoral process of the country, however he told that we cannot say rich persons should not contest in elections and the money spent in elections today is enormous.

There is a fear that the ruling parties may create false cases against the opposition candidates for debarring them from contesting the elections. So,politically motivated cases must not be brought against any person contesting the polls and any case registered six months prior to elections should not be considered for debarring from contesting elections.

Persons charge-sheeted for major crimes such as murder, rape, decoity and conspiracy against the country should not be allowed to contest the elections.

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