Do You Know The Results of the Vijay TV – AirTel- Super-Singer -4-Grand Finale Held on 01st February 2014?!

In the “Airtel- Super Singer- Season- 4” conducted in Vijay TV, the Grand Finale was held at ‘Campa-Cola Grounds’-Guindy-Chennai on 01st February 2014.

The following 3 were the “Direct- Finalists selected in the process of the Super Singer 4 program:
1. Diwakar
2. Parvathy
3. Syed Subahann

And the following 2 singers had joined the above 3 direct-finalists by winning in the “Wild Card Round”competing with 7 other singers, after being eliminated in the process of the program
1. Sarath Santhosh
2. Soniya

On 01st February 2014, Saturday, the following 5 singers participated in the Grand Finale of the ‘AirTel Super Singer 4:
1. Diwakar of Chennai, Tamilnadu,
2. Paarvathy of Kerala,
3. Syed Subahan of Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh,
4. Sarath Santhosh of Kerala and
5. Soniya of Kerala.

And by the popular voting by the audience and the public from India and abroad, the following 2 could get the 4th and the 5th places, with a cash prize of Rs 5 Lakhs each:
1.    Soniya and

2.    Parvathy

And the Second Runner-up of the program getting a cash prize of Rs 10 Lakhs was:

  •  Sarath Santhosh

And the First Runner – up of the program getting 1 Kg of Gold (Worth about Rs  30 Lakhs) was:

  •  Syed Subahan

And the Title Winner of the “AirTel-Super-Singer-4 winning a 3 Bed-Room Apartment by ‘Arun Excello’ worth Rs 60 Lakhs was:

  • Diwakar

Out of the total number of- 13 Lakhs+-votes received from the audience and the public through SMS’s and online voting,, the winner Diwakar got a record highest of 7 Lakhs+ votes in any of the Super Singer Programs held so far in the past 4 years, and the First Runner Syed Subahan got 2 Lakhs+ votes.

However, it is notable that, Syed Subahan had been the winner in the ratings by the judges of the program.

Obviously,  the decisions of the ‘judges’ of such singing competitions will rarely coincide with the opinions of the viewers and the public.

To avoid, ‘eliminations’ with suspense/tensions,  tears of participants and their parents eliminated and sad faces of judges, who themselves will be the cause for eliminations, etc., can we suggest that after a stage of such programs, say, at the top 20’s etc, the marks/votes can be given by the viewers?

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