Driving License will not be accepted as Address Proof in Maharashtra State

  • In the State of Maharashtra in India, as in many other states, people have been using DL as a proof of Address Proof and Personal Id Proof for getting:
  • New Telephone Connections,
  • New Mobile Phone SIM Cards,
  • A Housing Unit in MHADA and/or
  • Other SRA Schemes.

The Maharashrta State Transport Department did not verify the addresses of the DL applicants. Many ‘Bogus’ Driving Licenses have been issued in the state.

As per a new Circular issued by the Chief Secretary of the State of Maharashtra Ratnakar Gaikwad, in the State of Maharashrtra, the Driving License will not be accepted as a Valid Address and Id Proof.

Already, the earlier ChiefSecretary of Maharashtra JP Dange had announced that Ration Card would not be accepted as Address Proof.

It will be much more difficult for people in producing Address Proof for getting telephone connections etc.

In India, Ration Card and Driving License have been a common items for Address Proof and Id Proof.

If and as the Government of various states in India do not accept Ration Cards and Driving Licenses as genuine, because fake ones are made, the Government must come out with a ‘Genuine Address Proof’, which cannot be and will not be faked, to the people.

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