Global Peace Index-Status of India

“The Global Peace Index” is a ranking of various countries of the world done based on 23 Major criteria and other related criteria.
As at present, for the year 2010, India is placed at “128” th rank in the list of 149 countries(128/149) ranked.

It is alarming to note that India is finding a place near the bottom of the list of “Safe Countries”.

It is obvious that year by year, and day by day,India is becoming a more and more ‘unsafe country’ to live in/visit. This will adversely affect not only the safety of the Indian citizens but also the”Tourism” in India by local and foreigners.

We have to hopefully look upon the Government of India for taking the necessary steps to make India a ‘safe country’.

In the “Global Peace Index” Srilanka has been ranked 133rd, Pakistan ranked 145th and Afghanistan ranked 147th.
The Major Criteria and the related criteria under which countries are ranked in the “Globla Peace Index” are given below:-

Major Criteria:-

  1. Perceived criminality in society
  2. Security officers & police
  3. Number of homicides
  4. Jailed population
  5. Access to weapons
  6. Level of organized conflict
  7. Violent demonstrations
  8. Level of violent crime
  9. Political instability
  10. Respect for human rights
  11. Weapons imports
  12. Potential for terriorist acts
  13. Deaths from conflict (internal)
  14. Military expenditure
  15. Armed services personnel
  16. UN Peacekeeping funding
  17. Number of heavy weapons
  18. Weapons exports
  19. Military capability/sophistication
  20. Number of displaced people
  21. Neighbouring country relations
  22. Number of conflicts fought
  23. Deaths from conflict (external)

Related Indicators:

  • Electoral process
  • Functioning of government
  • Political participation
  • Political culture
  • Civil liberties
  • Corruption perceptions
  • Women in parliament
  • Political Democracy Index
  • Gender inequality
  • Freedom of the press
  • Exports + Imports
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Number of visitors
  • Net migration
  • Youth bulge
  • Gender ratio of population
  • Regional integration
  • Education spending
  • Primary school enrolment
  • Secondary school enrolment
  • Higher education enrolment
  • Mean years of schooling
  • Adult literacy rate
  • Hostility to foreigners
  • Willingness to fight

For more details on Global Peace Index you may visit the related website.

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13 years ago

thats the reason … for maximum indians leaving his own country 🙁