Why Indian Cricket Team failed to enter Semi Finals in T20 World Cup

The defending Champion of ICC World Twenty-20 Cricket, India could not enter even the Semi-Finals in the present Tournament.

The following are the reasons for the Indian Team’s failure in entering the Semi-finals and losing the way to retain the title:-

  • Over-Confidence:-

It appears that the Indian team has assumed that they cannot be defeated by any other team. Because of the false belief they have been defeated by West Indies and England.

  • Absence of Virendra Sehwag :- The Indian team’s failure may be attributed to the unavailability of Sehwag.
  • Wrong selection of Bowlers and Batsmen
  • Bad Fielding of the Indian players
  • The Captain MS Dhoni’s lack of taking runs
  • The players of ICC Indian team have played in IPL Tournament also and they could not fare well in the World Cup.

The Indian team’s captain MS Dhoni has admitted the lapses of his players and himself and apologized to the disappointed Indian Cricket fans. Let us hope that the Indian team will reassess the strengths and weaknesses and play well and bring glory to India.

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14 years ago

Indian cricket team failed to qualify semifinal because Dhoni didn't take precautions regarding new player, I am talking about Jadeja. Was there any orequirement to lauching him third round as he is a new fielder in T-20. Furthermore why Dhoni elected to field. This is second reason of defeat. It was a lesson for Indian cricket team for next T-20.
William Brown