How to avoid eating late at night

We must not eat late at night. Eating late at night will cause:-

  • increase in triglycerides levels
  • metabolic syndrome
  • deposit of fat in our body
  • increase in cholesterol levels
  • increase in body weight

When we eat late at night, our digestive system will find it difficult to process the food eaten. Unless we work in night shifts, normally we will take rest in bed and sleep during night. When we eat late at night and lie down for rest our system will be under stress and strain. When we eat meat food late at night it will be further more difficult for digestion.

To avoid eating late at night and to have a good night sleep:-

  • We have to eat a moderate breakfast and a heavy lunch
  • We have to eat a light dinner
  • We can eat a heavy lunch in the late evening when we cannot eat well in the morning and noon
  • When we feel hungry or feel like eating at late nights we can take lemon juice or herbal tea
  • We must avoid watching Television
  • We must avoid binge eating before going to bed
  • We must switch off the light and make the bed room dark
  • We can hear music

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15 years ago

Make proper diet plan and fixed your daily routine.And take dinner before 1 hour from going to the bed.