The World’s oldest Computer Student

Mrs.Rosakutty, running 106 years of age, resident of Edamakudi, Kerala, India, is probably the world’s oldest computer student.She was born in the year 1892 and she is only a home maker. Seeing her grandchildren using computers, she developed a craving for computers and she wanted to beat them in the filed of computer.

On the first day she entered into a state-sponsored computer camp for enrolling herself as a student, all the other students and the faculty members were astonished. But within a few days she could handle the keyboard and the mouse like others.

Mrs.Rosakutty is a nonvegetarian and she is not having healthy habits like other people who are of 100 years and above. Her daily food includes spicy fish, chicken, beef etc. She uses snuff regularly and occassionally smokes beedi also. Even then she is not having any illness, and she walks without any aid and does some cooking also, independently. She wears white blouse and saree and huge gold ear rings and looks like a lady of this present times. The source of this news and which newpaper/media reported this are unknown. Bu it is an interesting news.

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