Kidney can be removed through Belly button

Laparoscopic Surgery brought a new revolution in the field of “Surgery” some fifteen years back, replacing long incisions with small cuts and vastly reducing pain and recovery time. Researchers are now exploring ways to eliminate scars by putting instruments through the body’s natural openings like the mouth, nose and vagina to perform surgery.

In the old surgical method, for removing the kidney from a person for donating to somebody for transplant, the left side lower portion of the stomach will have to be cut open and after removing the kidney, the opened stomach part will have to be stitched. There will be a permanent scar in the place. In laproscopic procedure also a number of holes being made the scars will be there. In both the cases the recovery time will be long and the pain after the surgery will be more.

Now the surgical procedure has been modified and improved, and the kidney removal can be done through a single belly button incision. There is no stitching or hardly any sign of a surgery done. The procedure will reduce recovery time there will not be any pain after the surgery.

In recent kidney transplants done by this single navel incision method, the recovery time after surgery, for the donors have reduced to just one month from more than three months time in the standard laproscopic procedure. This will encourage the “Kidney Donors” to make the kidney donation without a fear of the long post-operative recovery time and the pain after surgery.

In the new procedure a 3/4 inch incision through the belly button is made and a tube like port with many entry points for inserting camera and other tools as in any laproscopic surgery are provided. The belly is inflated with Carbon-di-oxide (CO2) to have space for the surgical procedures. The kidney to be removed will be freed from the connecting tissues and will be removed out through the belly button by wrapping in a plastic bag.

In the “Kidney Theft” by some money minded culprits, reported in some places, and in “Kidney Sales for Money”, especially in South India, the affected person will not have any trace of his/her kidney being removed, if this new surgical procedure is followed. The only solace for them will be the reduced time of recovery after the deceptive or compulsive surgery.

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