Do You Know The Real Story Behind The Screenplay of Tamil Horror Movie-“D’Monte Colony”?

A Tamil Horror Movie titled-‘D’Monte Colony’, with a running time of  2 hours.was released in May 2015.

The movie is based on the Real Stories/Rumors of ‘Paranormal/Super-Natural Activities‘ in the- Abandoned / Deserted- ‘D’Monte- Colony’ in Chennai, which is said to be haunted by evil spirits/ghosts.

The movie ‘D’Monte Colony’ has been:

  • Produced by M.K.Tamilarasu,
    MK Tamilarasu
  • Written and Directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu, who had been the Assistant of the popular Director-A.R.Murugadoss, 
    Ajay Gnanamuthu
  • Starring Arulnidhi, 
  • With Music by Keba Jeremiah, Guitarist,
    Keba Jeremiah Guitarist
  • With Cinematography  by Aravind Singh, who was an Assistant to the famous ‘Cinematographer’-Santhosh Sivan  and
    Santhosh Sivan
  • Edited by  Bhuvan Srinivasan
    Bhuvan Srinivasan

The movie has only one song ( Vaadaa Vaa Machi )in it, though five songs were shot for the movie.

Vaadaa Vaa Machi

Interestingly, there is ‘No Heroine’ in the movie, “D’Monte Colony”. 

However, there is one Female Character called ‘Jill’, a friend of the hero.Ms.Jill, is a married woman (Jaangiri Madhumitha) having a drunkard husband.

The hero is giving non sexual company to her in domestic works, taking care of the drunkard husband and even in taking ‘beer’ for relaxation.( A rare and un -believalbe relationship of these days in India)

.Jaangiri Madumitha
Jaangiri Madhumitha

According to the Director and the Producer of the Tamil Movie-‘D’Monte Colony’, when the movie was shot, most of the houses in the colony had been already demolished /  demolition works were to be started
The remaining houses also were reported to be demolished soon.

And so, the movie was shot at a  different location and in sets, with only a few scenes taken in the colony.

Though the movie ‘D’Monte Colony’ is based on a  real / existing colony, the ‘Screen -Play of the movie is entirely different from the ‘Real Story’ of the late D’Monte.

To make the ‘ghost- less’- horror movie, really terrifying, the writer, Ajay Gnanamuthu  has used his imagination and altered the true story suitably.

However, the ‘ghost- less’ Tamil Horror Movie has been a successful one, which has created an awareness of the real colony in Chennai.

After the release of the movie, the ‘reportedly haunted’- D’Monte Colony  became the attraction to the anxious young men in the city, who have been trying to explore the place.

Some ‘Short Films’ have been taken inside the real ‘D’Monte Colon’y, which are published in the social media and YouTube.

The movie ‘D’Monte Colony’ is said to have refreshed the ‘ghost-fears’ in the minds of the people living in Chennai and nearby places.

It is said that the number of visitors to the colony has increased a lot, due to the impact of the movie ‘D’Monte Colony, ’.

The following is the ‘Screenplay’ of the Tamil Horror Movie-‘D’Monte Colony’:-

An aspiring film writer Raghavan (Sanath) narrates a horror story, titled ‘D’Monte Colony’ to a Film Producer (Singam Puli).

However,  the producer wants to have a comedy plot, without any story at all, which in his opinion would be successful these days.

Singampuli Film Producer

In the meanwhile, the 4 Friends (Raghavan and his 3 friends) namely,

Raghavan , the Writer,

  • Sajith, an Electrician ( Abhishek Joseph) ,
    Abhishek Joseph
  • Vimal , a Graphic Designer(Ramesh Thilak) and
    Ramesh Thilak
  • Srinivasan, the Hero ( Arulnithi)

-Decide to explore the abandoned/haunted ‘D’Monte Colony’ and goes to the place and enters a house there reported to be haunted.

Abandoned DMonte Colony

Having deadly and horror experiences, the above four persons  friends come out of the house in the colony, with much difficulty.

Out of the 4 friends the Electrician Sajith is alarmed very much, by the appearance of the house and also frightened by the graphic designer, Vimal’s playful and mischievous alarming sounds made to threaten him.

Ghost of DMonte

The next day they meet a ‘Naadi Jodhidar’/’Pulse Reading Astrologer'(M.S.Bhaskar) to know about their future from him.

The Friends Consulting Naadi Astrologer

The futures of the three out of the four, except Shaji,  the Electrician are predicted by the Astrologer.

While returning back from the Astrologer in  bike, the Astrologer contacts Srinivasan over mobile and asks him to meet him urgently regarding a very important matter.

When Srinivasan goes to the place of the Astrologer, he is found dead, hanging himself. Srini is not telling this matter to others.

Then, while Shaji, the electrician is sleeping on the mattress Vimal and Srinivasan ask Raghavan to tell them the story of the ‘D’Monte Colony’, and Raghavan  narrates them the story of the late ‘D’Monte’ the four friends.

Raghavan stars narrating the story of the D’Monte Colony as below:

“Long time ago, there  was a colony of the Portuguese staying in India, owned by a  Portuguese Businessman -John De Monte and it  is called ‘Demandi Colony’.

Demandi Colony Street Name Board

D’Monte had ordered and got a Special Diamond Necklace/ Chain for gifting to his wife on her birthday. In the meantime, he goes out of the city on business trip, leaving his beloved wife under the care of his servants at home.

As and when D’Monte returns after 5 months from his trip, he finds that his wife is mentally upset and continuously crying.

Subsequent to check up by his family doctor, he comes to know that his wife is pregnant, due to sexual harassment and  rape.

D’Monte asks the doctor to abort her pregnancy and treat her at home, for which the doctor refuses.

D’Monte is upset by the doctor’s report about his wife’ being raped and becoming pregnant and by the doctor’s refusal to give private treatment.

The furious D’Monte shoots the doctor and the male servants with his gun and kills them.

Knowing the brutal killings of D’Monte, the neighbours attack his house and set the house to fire, in which D’Monte and his wife are burnt alive and die.

Thereafter, the house of D’Monte is deserted and gets haunted by the ghost of D’Monte.

While dying, D’Monte had cast a curse on the diamond necklace  chain of his wife.

By virtue of  the curse, persons trying to steal the necklace would be killed and the necklace would somehow return back to the house of D’Monte.”-

-Raghavan ends his narration of the story of the DMonte Colony with this.

Raghavan, then says that during their visit to the house in D’Monte Colony,  he has stolen the diamond necklace /chain found in one of the rooms.

He says that the diamond necklace / chain is worth many crores of Rupees, as told by an old man
when he enquired him about the ‘D’Monte Colony’.

According to Raghavan, they may sell the jewel in parts and get funds and all of them may settle down in life.

Immediately after Raghavan confesses of  his stealing D’Monte’s Diamond necklace /chain, abnormal things start to happen in their room of the apartment.

They try to see some foreign movie in the DVD player they find that instead of the movie, recording of the three friends talking about D’Monte and of their future plans based on the diamond necklace/ chain of D’ Monte.

When they try to switch off the DVD player they cannot do so and even they cannot remove the power plug from the power point.

Then the electricity power goes off and Srini telephones to the EB office, and gives their address at 3rd floor of ‘B’ Block of Pattinappakkam Housing Board.

Three Friends watching Video in TV

The hero, Srini says that the astrologer has died the previous night and tells about the phone call of the astrologer.

When they play the recorded call in the mobile, they find that the astrologer has said that one of the four of them has already died the last night.

Then they all find that Shaji, the electrician lying on the bed has already become a dead body lying on the mattress on the floor.

In the meantime, Vimal goes to the toilet and finds the image of D’Monte in the Toilet mirror and gets frightened.

When he tries to open the toilet door, he finds that there is no padlock inside the toilet and the entire door is like fully sealed on all the four sides.

When he knocks at the toilet door and shouts for help from his friends outside, they are not hearing the sounds.

Srini comes near the toilet and asks him why he is staying so long  inside the toilet, somebody replied in Vimal’s voice that he will come after sometime.

Vimal dashes the oscillating toilet mirror with his head and falls down; then he is dragged up along the wall and gets electrocuted by dashing against the water heater and falls down dead.

Srini and Raghavan try to go out of the apartment and find that they cannot open any door or window of the apartment.

Srini telephones again to the EB and asks them to come and attend EB fuse, when the lineman says that he has come and repaired the fuse and Srini gave him Rs 50/- as tips. Srini checks his pocket to find the last Rs 50/- note missing.

Then Raghavan suggests that they may talk to the spirits of the dead using ‘Ouija Board’, a medium for talking with the spirits of the dead people and in the process of the ‘Ouija Board’ conversations they come to know that there are evil spirits inside their apartment and none of the 4 friends will go out alive.

When Raghavan lights up the candle his eyes become blank and Srini is afraid of him and when Srini lights the candle his eyes become blank and Raghavan gets frightened.

Raghavan dies by fire caused by a mysterious drop of some liquid from the roof.

And in the mean time the Electrician Shaji’s dead body gets up from the mattress and sits for sometime and  lyes back again on the mattress..

Srini tries again to open the door and the windows and breaks a window and jumps down and rushes to the nearby tea stall.

He finds that nobody is able to feel his presence or hear his voice and realizes that while jumping out of the window of the third floor he has already died by falling on iron rods with his body spiked by the rods.

Then, Shaji the electician goes in a lorry, sitting near the driver,  with the necklace / chain of D’Monte on his neck for taking back the same to the house of D’Monte Colony, as per his curse, cast by him while dying.

With that the movie ‘Ends’ ”

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