Biography of ‘Pithukuli’ Murugadas- Indian-Hindu Devotional Singer


Pithukuli Murugadas


Date of Birth: 25th January 1920-Born in Chetty Street at Coimbatore Tamilnadu


Date of Death: 17th November 2015 –Died at Mylapore Chennai Tamilnadu at the age of 95 years

Father:Sundaram Iyer

Mother: Alamelu

Grand Father: Gopala Krishana Bhagavathar

Grand Mother: Rukmini

Spouse: G.K.Saroja /Devi Amma

G.K.Saroja Murugadas

Occupation: Indian-Hindu Religious Devotional Singer

Career of ‘Pithukuli’ Murugadas:

Disowned by his father, Balasubramanian was looked after by his grandmother Rukmini, from whom he learnt divine Hindu Songs.

At the age of just 7 years Balasubramanian went to Pazhani and practised ‘Yoga’ under the guidance of Nadayogi Brahmananda Paradesiyar, who gave him the title ‘Pithukuli’, meaning insane / mad on Lord Muruga and Lord Krishna.

At the age 15 years ‘Pithukuli’ Balasubramanian left his house and started wandering throughout India as a Hindu monk and singer, singing Hindu divine songs.

At the age of 19 years ‘Pithukuli Balasubramanian’ went to his eldera sister’s house at Kansankaad in South Kannada State, where he learned playing harmonium, himself, and he composed and sang a song ‘Raamaa Neeyaadaa Indha Paraaga’.

At that time ‘Pithukuli Balasubramanian’ met Swamy Ramdas of Kanjangadu Ashram in South Kanara and Madha Krishnabi.

Swamy Ramdas named him as ‘Murugadas’, and he became ‘Pithukuli’ Murugadas and was known as ‘Muruga’ also.

At the age of 26 years Pithukuli Murugadas joined ‘Thiruppugazh Mani’ and traveled to the then Ceylon / now Srilanka and had been singing devotional songs on Lord Muruga and Lord Kanna /Krishna.

‘Pithukuli Murugadas’ had been remaining as a bachelor until the age of 58 years, when he married, the youngest sister of the popular GK Ponnammal Sisters, G.K.Saroja, called ‘Devi Amma’, on 2nd February 1978.

Devi Amma had been singing divine songs along with ‘Muruga’ /’Pithukuli Murugadas’ and expired in the year 2011.

Murugadas and Saroja Singing

‘Pithukuli Murugadas’ traveled  throughout the universe including, the USA, UK,  Mauritius, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, and South Africa  and had been singing Hindu devotional songs.

In the year 1995, ‘Pithukuli Murugadas’ was invited to sing devotional songs in seven languages at the ‘World Hindu Conference’ held at Durban, South Africa, where he shared the dais with  Nelson Mandela.

Pithukuli Murugadas had set up ‘Pithukuli Murugadas Education Trust for South Africans’  in South Africa.

Also, he had set up the ‘Deenabandhu Ashram’ in Wallajapet, near Chennai, Tamilnadu in India by donating all his wealth.

Deenabandhu Ashram

Pithukuli Murugadas has sung more than 3000 songs and many audio cassettes and CD’s have been released with his Hindu Devotional Songs on:

  • Lord Muruga, 
  • Lord Kanna /Krishna, 
  • Vinayaga,
  • Aathi Paraasakthi and 
  • Aandaal.

The following are some of the Audio Cassettes of the Songs sung of ‘Pithukuli’ Murugadas:

  • Vinayagar Thirupalliezhuchi
  • Kannanum Devium,
  • Siva Sakthi,
  • Ayyappa Ganabhishekam,
  • Kannanum Kandhanum,
  • Thirupugazh,
  • Thirupugazh Thenisai,
  • Sweet Bhajans
  • Bhajan Time,
  • Divine Bhajans and
  • Sakthi Sharanjali

The following are some of the Audio Compact Discs / CD’s of the Songs sung by ‘Pithukuli’ Murugadas:

  • Lord Krishna,
  • Kandar Anubhoothi,
  • Krishna Krishna,
  • Thirupugazh,
  • Thirupugazh Thenisai,
  • Vinayagar Thirupalliyezhuchi,
  • Swagatham Krishna,
  • Gajamukha Songs and
  • Arunagirinathar Thirupugazh.
The following are some of the books written by ‘Pithukuli’ Murugadas:

  • Kandhar Anubhoothi – Anubhava Virivurai – Part I & II,   
  • Dasanin Katturaiyagal, 
  • Aathi Parasakthiyum Asatu Siruvanum and
  • The Origin, Midway and End

The following are some of the Awards Received by Pithukuli Murugadas:-

Name of the Award/ Given By /Year:

  • Sangeetha Samrat /Swamy Vivekananda / 1956,
  • Kalaimamani / Tamil Nadu Iyal Isai, Nataka Sangham of  State Government of Tamilnadu / 1984,
  • Thyagarajar Award  /  National Cultural Organization, New Delhi /1989,
  • Madhura Gana Mamani / London /1994,   
  • “For the Sake of Honor Award” /  Rotary Club / 1996-97,
  • Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award / Union Government of India /1998,
  • Guru Surajananda Award / 1998 and
  • Oldest Devotional Singer / Ms.Sri Krishna Sweets as part of  ‘Salute to Legends’ / 2014

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vastu consultant
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