Biography of Jagmohan Dalmiya – Former President of BCCI

Biography of Jagmohan Dalmiya – Former President of BCCI

Jagmohan Dalmiya was a businessman and an Indian cricket administrator from Kolkata, India. He was the President of the Board of Control for Cricket(BCCI) in India as well as the Cricket Association of Bengal. He had previously served as the President of the International Cricket Council(ICC).

Date of Birth:  30th May 1940-Born at Calcutta (Kolkata)-Born in a Marwari-Bania Family
Date of Death: 20th September 2015- At Kolkata- at the age of 75 years
Education: AT Scottish Church College, Calcutta.



Businessman / Industrialist, Co-Owner of M/s. M.L.Dalmiya &Co. Along with his father, One of India’s Top Construction Company which  constructed Calcutta’s Birla Planetarium in the year 1963.


  • Cricket Player (Wicket -Keeper) and Cricket Administrator,
  • Former President of International Cricket Council/ICC (1997-2000)
  • President of Board of Control for Cricket in India /BCCI -Jagmohan Dalmiya had been associated with  the  BCCI from the year 1979 and he has been a remarkable administrator in the field of Indian Cricket for the past 35 years.
  • Jagmohan Dalmiya joined the BCCI in the year 1979 and became the Treasurer in the year 1983. He then became the Secretary of the BCCI. He was the President of the BCCI from the year  2001 to  the year 2005.
  • Jagmohan Dalmiya was expelled from the BCCI in the year 2006 for charges of corruption and misappropriation of the funds of the BCCI, as a result of personal politics among the officials of the BCCI.
  • However, Jagmohan Dalmiya came out with a clean chit after a long legal battle and he rejoined the BCCI in the year 2010.
  • He had been the Interim- President in the year 2013. Jagmohan Dalmiya became the present ‘President of the BCCI’ in March  2015.

Achievements of Jagmohan Dalmiya in Indian Cricket through BCCI:-
As an Administrator of the BCCI, Jagmohan Dalmiya had:

  • Been behind the 2 Cricket World Cups co-hosted by India, along with Pakistan  in the year 1987- ‘The Reliance World Cup’ and along with Pakistan and Srilanka in the year 1996- the ‘Wills World Cup’.
  • Procured for the BCCI, a multi -million Television deal with ‘World Tel’ in the 90’s which made the BCCI the richest ‘Cricket Body’ in the world.
  • Made the Indian Cricket a self sufficient entity and he engineered a shift of power base from Kolkata’s Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

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