Shah Rukh Khan- A True Sportsman

The recent cricket season has proved that Indian Film Super Star Shah Rukh Khan is a true Sportsman. His team may have let him down, but there was never a frown on his forehead. The actor was there cheering his team all the way through, like true sportsman. In fact, after every defeat, Shah Rukh Khan made it a point to party with the players just as he would when they won a match. The players may not have got the trophy for the owner but Shah Rukh made sure they went home with a neat packet and loads of gifts.

In fact his message box is full of smses from the players not only of his team but even other teams praising him as a human being and a sportsman. Now who can blame him for his rising popularity? In fact, his colleagues should learn a lesson or two from King Khan on sportsmanship!

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