The US President Mr.Barack Obama celebrated Diwali!

When is Diwali going to be celebrated this year?

In most parts of India and by Indians in various countries Diwali will be celebrated on 17th October 2009, as we know.

However, the US President Mr.Barrack Obama celebrated Diwali in advance on 14th Ocober at the White House-East Room , with lighting of lamps and chanting of Vedic Mantras seeking World Peace. The Nobel Prize winner for Peace rightfully prayed for World Peace in his celebration of Diwali.

The Indian Union Minister of Commerce Mr. Anand Sharma who visited USA and Ms.Meera Shankar, the Indian Ambassador to the US were among other US Cabinet members and many Indo-American members of Mr.Obama’s administration who attended the Diwali celebrations at the White House.Mr.Obama wished the people around the world “A Happy Diwali” and “Saal Mubarak” and told that the festival of lamps symbolizes the victory of:-

  • Light over Darkness
  • Knowledge over Ignorance.

In his Diwali message, Mr.Obama reminded that Diwali is a time of rejoicing and a time for reflection when we will have to remember those who are less fortunate and when we have to renew our commitments to reach the people who are in need.

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