St.Joseph’s College- Tiruchirappalli – Pride of South India-170 years of Service- For ‘Truth and Goodness’

St.Joseph’s College- Tiruchirappalli – Pride of South India-170 years of Service- For ‘Truth and Goodness’

St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli was established by the Priests of the Society of Jesus/SJ in the year 1844 at Nagappattinam, (the present)Tamilnadu.

St.Joseph’s College Tiruchirappalli was:

  • Affliated to the University of Madras in the year 1869
  • Shifted to Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu in the year 1873
  • Was given ‘Autonomous’ status in the year 1978
  • Awarded ‘5 Star Status by the by ‘National Assessment and Accreditation Council’/NAAC in the year 2000
  • Recognized by the University Grants Commission/UGC as a College wtih Potential For Excellence (CPE) in the year 2004
  • Accredited with A+ Grade in the year 2006
  • Nationally Accredited at A Grade (3rd Cycle) in the year 2012

The Following are some of the Major Milestones of St.Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli:
The Year/Event

1844 /    Founded at Nagapattinam
1866/     Affiliated to the University of Madras
1883/     Transferred to Tiruchirappalli
1885/     Blessing of our Lady of Lourdes Church
1896/     Semi-boarding, hostels
1907/     Construction of Lawley Hall
1945/     College Centenary celebrations
1973 /    Evening College was Started
1978/     ‘Autonomy ‘conferred
1982 /    Affiliation to Bharathidasan University
1986 /    SHEPHERD Programme
1994/     Vocational courses
1995 /    College Sesquicentennial/150 years celebrations
2000 /    Five Star status by NAAC
2001 /    Choice-based credit system
2003/     Autonomy: Silver Jubilee
2004/     Made “College with Potential for Excellence”
2004/ 160 years celebrations
2006 /    Nationally re-accredited with A+ Grade
2012 /    Nationally Accredited at A Grade (3rd Cycle)
2014/ 170 years celebrations

The Logo of St Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli:

The Logo of St Joseph’s College bears the figures of the Roclfort of Tiruchirappalli, St.Lourde’s Church in the campus of the College and a palm tree in the middle, denoting the East and a monogram of the Society of Jesus/SJ and the royal crown and the lilly flowers are in honour of the Patron of the College, St.Joseph, the Foster-Father of Jesus Christ, the crown for St.Joseph is of King David’s family and the lilly flower for signifying St Joseph’s purity.

St.Joseph’s College Museum:

St.Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli is having a ‘Museum’ set up in the year 1881.

The following are some of the notable exhibits kept in the College Museum:-

  •  Fauna of:

-butterflies and

  • 2 Bricks From Babylon of the year 650 BC,
  • A Roman Lamp
  • Stone Arrow head-2000 years old
  • 2 pieces of wood from the ‘London Bridge’ burnt in the year 1230 AD
  • An autograph letter of Queen Victoria
  • Old weapons used in the World War I
St.Joseph’ College Tiruchirappalli has been providing the following types of Courses and Trainings to the Students:
  • Courses on personality development
  • Courses on leadership
  • Courses on human rights
  • Involvement in outreach neighborhood programme
  • Participation in human rights issues
  • Training in critical thinking
  • Creating environmental awareness
  • Training in civics and duties of a citizen
  • Training in multi-religious tolerance
  • Training to work as a team
The Following are the Courses Offered by St Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli:-

Undergraduate/UG Courses:Aided:

  •    Botany,
  •     Chemistry,
  •     Commerce,
  •     Computer Science,
  •     Economics,
  •     English,
  •     History,
  •     Mathematics,
  •     Physics,
  •     Tamil and
  •     Statistics & Informatics.

Self Finance Schemes/SFS:

  •    Business Administration,
  •     Commerce,
  •     Computer Science,
  •     Economics,
  •     Electronics,
  •     Mathematics and
  •     Physics.

Post Graduate/ PG Courses:


  •   Botany,
  •    Chemistry,
  •    Commerce,
  •    Computer Applications,
  •    Economics,
  •    English,
  •    Human Resource Management,
  •    Mathematics and
  •    Physics.

Self Finance Schemes/SFS:

  •  Biochemistry,
  •  Biotechnology,
  •  Chemistry,
  •  Computer Applications,
  •  Computer Science,
  •  Cyber Technology,
  •  Electronics,
  •  History,
  •  Human Resource Management,
  •  Mathematics,
  •  Physics,
  •  Tamil,
  •  Transport Management and
  •  Diploma Courses.

M Phil:

  •  Botany,
  •  Chemistry,
  •  Commerce,
  •  Computer Science,
  •  Economics,
  •  English,
  •  History,
  •  Human Resource Management,
  •  Mathematics,
  •  Physics and
  •  Tamil.

Ph. D:

  •   Botany,
  •    Chemistry,
  •    Commerce,
  •    Computer Science,
  •    Economics,
  •    English,
  •    History,
  •    Human Resource Management,
  •    Mathematics,
  •    Physics,
  •    Tamil and
  •    Statistics & Informatics
The Hostels of St Joseph’s College:
  • The Bellarmine Hostel of the College has 65 rooms (single and double beds) that can accommodate 150 students. 
  • The Sacred Heart hostel provides 2 Messes and 2 Dining halls with a modern kitchen facility.
  •  The New Hostel
  • The Clive’s Hostel and 
  • St.Theresa Girls Hostel (Exclusively For Girl Students)

The Pride of Tiruchirappalli/South India, St.Joseph’s College, Tiruchirppalli,which has been in the educational service for “Truth and Goodness”, as per its motto,  has produced a large number of geniuses and many of the old students of St.Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli had been and are in popular/high positions in various fields.
For a List of Dignified and Popular “Josephites”  you may read:

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