How to Live a Happy Married Life

The following tips for a Happy Married Life are from a book “Sizzling Sex” written by Dr. Pam Spurr:-

Stay spontaneous:- Do something that looks unplanned such as dropping in to your partner’s office and taking him/her to lunch, packing a little gift in his/her briefcase or getting tickets to a concert or the theatre.

Make loving gestures: While having dinner, you can put on soft music, light candles and tell your partner how much you’ve been thinking of him/her during the day.

Make eye contact:- Face your partner when he/she is speaking to you. Eye contact makes you feel more connected.

Agree to disagree:- Try and avoid arguments with your partner. Next time you disagree, shock him/her in the nicest possible way by saying: ‘You’re right.’

Embrace change:- Surprise your partner by getting a new look. A quick and easy way to do this could be to dye your hair, restyle it or get a wig for fun.

Do something unexpected:- Offer to do something your partner won’t expect, like sensually washing his/her hair in a candlelit bath or having a warm towel ready when he/she steps out of the shower.

Celebrate your love:- Do something symbolic such as planting a special bush or buying a pot plant that is your partner’s favourite variety and let him/her know that it represents your love.

Do a favour:- Try one little chore that benefits your partner directly, such as dropping his/her laundry at the dry cleaners. Such things take only minutes but show how much you care.

Cosy up to your rival:- If there’s someone in your partner’s life you consider to be a rival, such as his best friend or mother, stop arguing about them and surprise your partner by inviting them over for a lovely dinner.

Relive the past:- Looking at holiday snaps, family photos or wedding pictures can also help in making a relationship stronger.

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