What are the Latest Rules of “Tatkal Train Tickets Booking” of IRCTC / Indian Railways ?

Now, the ‘Train Tickets’ under the ‘Tatkal Scheme’ can be booked ONE DAY in advance of the Date of Journey for all the Classes.
The ‘Timings’ for the ‘Tatkal Bookings’ of Train Tickets had been changed To: ( from the earlier timings –From 08 00 am To 12 Noon ) – From 10 am To 12 Noon.
During the Tatkal Tickets bookings timings all the Tickets Bookings agents, including the IRCTC Agent were allowed to book Tatkal tickets.
The Following are the timings for booking of Train Tickets under –IRCTC’s ‘Tatkal’ Scheme, wef 15th  June 2015:-
Class(es) / Timings:
Air-Conditioned Classes / From 10 am To 11 am
Non-Air Conditioned Classed / From 11 am To 12 Noon

According to the IRCTC / Railways Officials, the staggerings in the tatkal train tickets bookings would help to reduce the load at windows and on the tickets booking website of the irctc.

The booking timings for AC Classes are given priority to Non-AC Classes.

Comments / Reactions of Passengers on Tatkal Bookings of AC Classes prior to the Booking of Non AC Classses:
  • Passengers might like to prefer to book for Non- AC Classes and would go for booking AC Classes, in case of non availability of Non-AC Classes.
  • So, the IRCTC could have given priority for Tatkal bookings of Non- AC Classes to AC Classes.
  • It is notable that, in general, irctc train tickets bookings, online, options are given only for ‘upgrading’ of classes and not the reverse-‘lower grading’
All types of Tickets Booking Agents, including the ‘IRCTC’ Agents have been debarred from booking Train Tickets for the first 30 minutes of the bookings timings as detailed below :-
The Tickets-Booking Agents, including the IRCTC Agents have been restricted in booking Train Tickets, including the Tatkal Tickets as detailed below:-
Type of Bookings /Timings Agents-Bookings Debarred:
 General Tickets Bookings of All the Classes /From 08 00 am To 08 30 am 

Tatkal Bookings for AC Classes / From 10 00 am To 10 30 am 

Tatkal Bookings for Non-AC Classes /From 11 00 am To 11 30 am

At present there is NO REFUND allowed for ‘Cancellation of Confirmed Tatkal Tickets’, except in the following cases, wherein the ‘Full Refund’ will be available:
  • As and if the Train is delayed by more than 3 hours at the journey originating point of the passenger (and not the boarding point, when the originating point and the boarding point are different)
  • As and if the Train would run on a diverted route and if the passenger is not willing to travel in the diverted route.
  • As and if the boarding station or the destination station or both are not in the diverted route
  •  In case of non attachment of coach in which Tatkal accommodation has been earmarked and the passenger has not been provided  accommodation in the ‘same class’.
  • If the passenger/s have been accommodated in a lower class and if the passenger/s do not want to travel in the lower class. In case the passenger/s travel in the lower class accommodation/s provided, the difference in the fares and the difference in the Tatkal Charges, if any, will be fully reimbursed.
Details of ‘Tatkal Scheme’:
The Tatkal Charges have been fixed as 10% on the ‘Basic Fare of Second Class Class (es ) and 30% on the Basic Fare of All Other Classes, subject to a Minimum and a Maximum in each case as detailed below:

Class of Travel/Minimum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.)/Maximum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.)
Second Class (Sitting)/ 10.00/ 15.00
Second Class-Sleeper/ 90.00/ 175.00
AC Chair Car/ 100.00/ 200.00
AC 3- Tier/ 250.00/ 350.00
AC 2- Tier/300.00/400.00
Executive Classes / 300.00/400.00
The above charges will be levies uniformly in both the ‘peak’ and the ‘non-peak’ seasons.
The following are some of the highlights of the IRCTC’s Tatkal Train Tickets Booking Scheme:
  • Tatkal tickets are now issued for the actual distance of travel / booking, subject to the distance restriction applicable to the train, instead of the previous rule of charging from the starting point to the final destination of the train.
  • Tatkal tickets may be booked until the preparation the charts. At the time of preparation of the charts, the un-utilized seats/berths will be released to the General RAC/ Waiting List (WL) passenger.
  • Tatkal Booking Facility is available in the ‘Executive Classes’ of the ‘Shatabadi Express Trains also. 10% of the seats / 5 seats per coach will be under the Tatkal Scheme.
  • Tatkal ticket can be booked with a maximum of only 4 Passengers per PNR / a ticket ( instead of 6 passengers in other tickets /PNR’s)
  • The IRCTC-Agents  will be permitted to book only one Tatkal Ticket per Train per Day on the Internet.
  • The facility of ‘Change of Name of the Passenger’ in not allowed in Tatkal Sheme.
  • Ticket Deposit Receipt / TDR’s for claiming refund of unused tickets will not be issued for Tatkal Waiting List Tickets.
The following is a List of Personal Identity Proofs, to be produced at the time of booking Train Tickets under Tatkal Scheme:   
  • Voter Photo Identity card issued by Election Commission of India.
  •  Passport
  • IT-PAN Card issued by Income Tax Department.
  • Driving Licence issued by RTO.
  •    Photo Identity card having serial number, issued by Central / State Government.
  •   Student- Identity Card with photograph, issued by Recognized School/College.
  •   Nationalized Bank- Passbook with Photograph, affixed and attested/stamped / sealed by the bank.
  •   Credit -cards issued by Banks with embossed photographs of the card- holders.
  •   ’Aadhaar Card’ Issued by Unique Identification Authority of India / UIDAI
  •     Photo Identity Cards, having serial number, issued by Public Sector Undertaking of State / Central Government, District Administration, Municipal bodies and Panchayat Administration.

For booking ‘Tatkal’- Tickets, across the counters of the Indian Railways Reservation Counter/s:

  • A Self Attested Photo Copy /Xerox of the Proof of Identity with Photo of anyone of the passengers of a Tatkal Ticket to be booked should be attached with the Special -Tatkal Booking Application Form /Requisition Slip
  • The photo-copy of the Proof of Identity will be captured in the system and the details of the same will be indicated on the tickets and in the Reservation Charts.
  • The passenger need not go in person for booking the ‘Tatkal’ tickets and the photocopy / Xerox of the Proof of Identity must accompany the Reservation Request Slip.
  • During the journey, the passenger must produce the Proof of Identity indicated on the ticket / in the chart- in ‘Original’ to the Train Tickets Examiner /TTE. Non-production of the  Proof of Identity in Original, the same one indicated on the ticket, will be treated as ‘travel without ticket’ by all the passengers on the ticket and will be dealt with accordingly.
(It is advisable to provide the photo-copies /Xerox copies of the Proof of Identity of more than one passenger or all the passengers under a ticket)
For Booking Tatkal Tickets online, using Internet /IRCTC Website:
  • The Details of the Proof of Identity of one of the Passengers under a Tatkal Ticket must be provided at the time of booking.
  • The details of Proof of Identity will be printed on the tatkal- e-ticket / Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS) and will be indicated in the ‘Virtual Reservation Message’ (VRM)  or Mobile SMS/ ‘Mobile Reservation Message’ (MRM)  and   will be indicated also the charts.
Premium Tatkal Scheme:
A new booking system called ‘Premium Tatkal’ had been introduced wef 1st October 2014.
Under the ‘Premium Tatkal’ Scheme, 50% of the tatkal quota seats in selected trains (about 80 trains at present) would be dynamically priced, the price would be varying, upward or downward, from minute to minute.
‘Premium Tatkal’ Tickets can be purchase only online, and there will be ‘No Refunds’ on Cancellation of the same.

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