Pakistan says “because of one Issue India should not hold the relations between the two countries”

India is firm in getting “tangible results” out of Pakistan’s investigations and prosecutions in the Mumbai Terror Attacks of 26/11.

After the recent meeting of the External Ministers of both the countries,India had announced that the further talks/relations with Pakistan will depend on the outcome of Pakistan’s concrete steps against the terrorists responsible for the Mumbai Attacks.

Pakistan had told that they are investigating the Mumbai attack issue and arrested some persons in that connection.

However, Pakistan’s Foreign Secreatry Mr.Salman Bashir told after meeting his Indian counterpart Ms.Nirupam Rao on 26th September 2009, that India should not hold the relationship with Pakistan on a single issue as Pakistan has been taking the required actions on the issue and because of a trial or one investigation the relationship between Pakistan and India cannot be brought to a standstill.

Pakistan says that they are sincerely committed to promoting good relations with all their neighbours.

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