The true story of a girl Smile Pinky with Cleft Lip has won Oscar Award

In the “81st Acadamy Awards/Oscar Awards”, a short documentary film about a small girl with cleft upper lip has won the award under the Best Documentary Film category.

In the award winning documentary film of 39 minutes long, a small girl “Smile Pinky” narrates the story of a girl born with a cleft lip. She narrates the sufferings she had as a girl with cleft lip and the joyful change after the plastic surgery for the correction of the defect. The film was produced by the American Director Ms. Megan Mylan.

On the night when the award was announced “Smile Pinki” was present in the ceremony hall; but she was asleep as it was very late in the night.

Plastic Surgeon Dr Subodh Kumar Singh performed the corrective surgery on Pinki in the year 2007,which transformed her life. According to the Surgeon the Oscar Award is the biggest news for cleft children which will bring awareness about the problem and help the cause of four million children worldwide who are born with cleft.

The documentary film on the girl with cleft lip has not only fetched an Oscar Award but also it will create an awareness among the parents and the relatives of children born with cleft lips. Parents of many out of the four million cleft children will come forward to get the affected children corrected of the defect by an easy and cheap plastic surgery.

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15 years ago

Its great.