Veteran Communist Leader Jyoti Basu Donated his Eyes and the Whole Body

India’s longest serving Chief minister and a veteran Communist Leader Mr.Jyoti Basu passed away on 17th January 2010 at the age of 96 years. Mr.Jyoti Basu had already pledged his body , while inaugurating a workshop organised by ‘Gana Darpan’, an NGO promoting organ donations on 4th April 2003. On 20th January 2010, after the funeral ceremonies his body was handed over to S.S.K Hospitals according to his wish. He had already made “Eyes Donation” also.The “Eyes Donation” and “The Whole Body Donation” of Mr.Jyoti Basu may encourage people to make the noble donations.

‘The whole body donation’ is useful for Medical Research and Education. The Medical Organisations will use the whole embalmed bodies to teach anatomy to Medical students.

Nowadays, people are not aware of and are not willing to make ‘the whole body donations’ due to personal and religious customs and beliefs.The “Organ Retrieval Banking Organisation”/ ORBO at the “All India Institute of Medical Sciences” (AIIMS), New Delhi has been encouraging people to donate organs for transplant and bodies for Medical Research.

Since 2004, the ‘ORBO’ has received 68 whole body donations. At present, over 11,000 people are registered with the programme run by the organization. The youngest donor at ‘ORBO’ has been 40-day-old patient while the oldest was a 97-year-old man.

People influenced by Mr.Jyoti Basu’s act of body donation may contact for details :-
“ORBO” at: 1060, 001-26593444

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