How To Create ‘Dengue Mosquitoes Awareness’ in India?

The Following is a List of ‘Infectious and Dreadful’-  Diseases Transmitted by ‘Female’ Mosquitoes:

  •  Malaria- A dreadful disease causing death of human beings, especially, children below 5 years of age-A species –‘Genus Anopheles’-Female Mosquitoes carry  the ‘Malaria Parasites;/Viruses and transmit the disease.
  •  Filaria-  A painful and the most discomforting disease causing swelling of several parts of the human body, especially the legs, which is called ‘Elephantiasis’– meaning ‘Elephant Leg Disease’ is transmitted by a certain species of ‘Female Mosquitoes’, which carry the ‘Filarisis-Worms’/ Parasites and transmit the disease.
    Filaria or Elephantiasis
  • Chikunguniya,
  • Yellow Fever and
  • Dengue Fever

The viral diseases, ‘Chikunguniya’, ‘Yellow Feve’r and the ‘Dengue Feve’r are transmitted by a species of Female Mosquitoes known as ‘Aedes Aegypti’.

Dengue Mosquito-Aedes Aegypti

Normally, both the Male and the Female Mosquitoes live on ‘Nector’- from flowers and  vegetables as their food.

However, the Female Mosquitoes prefer to take in Blood of Animals and Human- Beings, for better Egg Production.

Mosquitoes have a tiny  ‘needle’ shaped ‘straw’-like sting in their mouth to enable them to pierce the skin of animals and human beings for drinking their favourite food-‘blood’.

Mosquitoes inject their sting into the skin of their ‘Compulsory Blood Donor‘ and send in their saliva and suck back, when  blood of their hosts flows into their stomach.

In the process of mosquitoes’ drinking blood, the infected viruses from their hosts get into them.

Somehow, the infected viruses do not affect the life and activities of the  mosquitoes.

As and when the mosquitoes ‘bite’ other persons,  the infected viruses enter into their  blood streams from the mosquitoes and cause the infected diseases.

The Deadly Diseases Transmitted by the Mosquitoes may be avoided by Escaping from Mosquitoes’- Bites by :

  • Using nets on the windows and in beds in the houses,
    Mosquito Net in Bed
    Mosquito Net in Window
  • Applying Mosquito Repellent Sprays / Creams over the exposed parts of the body of adults, especially kids,
    Mosquito Repellent Creams
  • Using Fired-Smoking Mosquito Coils and Electronic Mosquito-Repellents  in houses and
    Mosquito Coils
    Electronic Mosquito Repllent
  • Using Electronic Mosquitoes’- killing bats in houses.
    Mosquito Bat

To eradicate the dreadful diseases transmitted by the mosquitoes, an awareness of ‘Eradication of Mosquitoes’ in and around the houses, must be created in every house hold and in every person in India.

It had been believed for a long time, that the mosquitoes breed on long-time-stagnant waters on the road sides and on stagnant / blocked  open drainage on the streets and roads.

Nowadays, in many places of India, the open drainage are replaced by underground- drainage systems.

Stagnant waters are found only on bad and damaged roads and the sides of the roads, not cleaned for a long time.

Also, the Municipal and Corporation authorities have been frequently spraying ‘disinfectants’  on the  stagnant waters to eradicate mosquitoes.  

Stagnant Water on Roads

Now, it has been found that the mosquitoes, especially the ‘Dengue Mosquitoes’ breed on fresh water standing still in and around the houses.

The Corporations in India have been campaigning on the ‘Eradication of Mosquitoes’ in and around the houses.

According to the Corporation Authorities, there are ‘a number of places and things‘ to be taken care of  in and around houses, wherein fresh water would stand still in the open space and provide breeding places for mosquitoes, especially, the ‘Dengue Mosquitoes’.

The following are some of the above such things:

  • Old Stone Grinders lying in the backyard or in front of the houses in which water would stand still,
    Stone Grinder in Open
  • Buckets and Water Drums kept with stored water kept open,
    Buckets with Water Open
  • Flower/Plant Pots kept  in the balconies. terraces and verandas of houses to have home-gardens,
    Open Flower Pot with Water
  • Cement tubs/tanks with water kept open,
    Open Water Tank in Cement
  • Used ‘disposable’Plastic/Paper cups thrown around the house and in streets,wherein water would stand still,  
  • Tender-Coconut Shells andCoconut Shells,providing space for fresh water to stand still in open space,
    Tender Coconut Shells
    • Old/Used Four Wheeler-Tyres kept slanting which would provide space on the inner side, for fresh water to stand still,
      Old Tyres in Open
    • Water-Drain Trays on the rear bottom side of the  Refrigerators kept inside the kitchens and halls in the houses,  wherein fresh water would stand still and
      Refrigerator Water Drain Tray in the Backside
    • Open-Over-head Water Tanks in the Terraces of Houses and Apartments.

    Recently, the Chennai City, two of the City Corporations Authorities (An Assistant Engineer and a Sanitary Inspector) wearing mosques and with make-ups as ‘demons’have been coming in various areas, such as streets, houses, parks and schools of the Chennai City. They call themselves ad the ‘Dengue Demons’

    Chennai City Corporation Dengue Demons

    Also, camps for creating ‘Dengue Awareness’  have been organised at various public places such as  Santhome- ‘Marina’Beach and Besant Nagar-‘Elliot’s’ Beach  and the ‘M.A.Chidambaram Stadium’, during a recent Cricket Match.

    The ‘Dengue Demons’ have been distributing pamphlets regarding- ‘Awareness of Eradication of Dengue Mosquitoes’.

    Mosquitoes Awareness Phamphlets

    Trichy City Corporation Phamphlet on Mosquitoes Awareness

    The ‘Dengue Demons’  have been   advising  and asking  the people to remove old pots, old  bottles, old tyres, coco nut shells, tender coconut shells and any other item kept in open spaces, which would enable fresh  water to stand still thereon and provide good  breeding places for the ‘Dengue Mosquitoes’.

    Also, people are advised to periodically check the rear side of their Refrigerators and ensure that the De-frosting- drain trays are not having water standing on them.

    Though it is advised to have plants of flowers and vegetables in mud/plastic flower/plant pots, it must be ensured that water is not standing on the pots which would be used by the mosquitoes as their breeding places.

    The buckets, drums and water storage vessels with water must be kept closed, to avoid breeding of mosquitoes on them.

    Dengue Mosquitoes and Dengue Fever Awareness must be created in our Society and Homes:

    Dengue Fever  is a dreadful disease, causing even death.
    It is transmitted by ‘Dengue Mosquitoes’.
    We must take steps to eradicate them by eradicating their possible habitats in and around our houses.
    We must ensure that there is no space in the open for fresh water to remain standing still in and around our house.
    We must ourselves escape from and save our kids from the dangerous ‘Mosquitoes Bites’ and 
    Be ‘Dengue Free’.

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    6 years ago

    Awareness on Mosquitoes bites is so good to the people to get information and know the knowledge on mosquito nets. we are providing best Mosquitoes Mesh or Nets to prevent diseases from Mosquito Bites.

    6 years ago

    Awareness on Mosquitoes bites is so good to the people to get information. we are providing best Mosquitoes Mesh or Nets to prevent diseases from Mosquito Bites.