List of Books Written by R.K.Narayan-Indian English Novelist and Writer

List of Books Written by R.K.Narayan-Indian English Novelist and Writer

List of  R.K.Naryayan’s Writings:-

Novels Written by R.K.Narayan:

Name of the Novel/ Year/ Publisher

Swamy and Friends/1935/Hamish Hamilton

The Bachelor of Arts/1937/Thomas Neslon

The Dark Room/1938/Eyre

The English Teacher/1945/Eyre

Mr. Sampath/1948/Eyre

The Financial Expert/1952/Methuen

Waiting for the Mahatma/1955/Methuen

The Guide/1958/Methuen

The Man-Eater of Malgudi/1961/ Viking

The Vendor of Sweets/1967/ The Bodley Head

The Painter of Signs/1977/ Heinemann

A Tiger for Malgudi /1983/ Heinemann

Talkative Man/1986/ Heinemann

The World of Nagaraj/1990, Heinemann

Grandmother’s Tale/1992/ Indian Thought Publications

Short story collections written by R.K.Narayan:

Malgudi Days/1942/Indian Thought Publications

An Astrologer’s Day and Other Stories/1947/Indian Thought Publications

Lawley Road and Other Stories/1956/ Indian Thought Publications

A Horse and Two Goats /1970

Under the Banyan Tree and Other Stories/1985

The Grandmother’s Tale and Selected Stories/1994/ Viking

Non-fiction Writings by R.K.Narayan:

Next Sunday/1960/Indian Thought Publications

My Dateless Diary/1960/Indian Thought Publications

My Days/1974/ Viking

Reluctant Guru /1974/ Orient Paperbacks

The Emerald Route/1980/ Indian Thought Publications

A Writer’s Nightmare/1988/ Penguin Books

A Story-Teller’s World/1989/Penguin Books

The Writerly Life /2002/ Penguin Books India

Mysore/1944, second edition/ Indian Thought Publications

Mythology Writings:

Gods, Demons and Others/1964/ Viking

The Ramayana/1973/ Chatto & Windus

The Mahabharata/1978/ Heinemann

The following novels/short stories of R.K.Narayan have been adapted into movies:

‘The Guide’was adapted into Hindi movie-‘Guide’, directed by Vijay Anand, starring Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman.

‘Mr.Sampath’ was adapted into a Tamil movie-‘Miss Malini’, starring Pushpavalli and Kothamangalam Subbu. The Hindi version of the movie was produced by the ‘Gemini Studios’.

‘The Financial Expert’ was adapted into a Kannada movie-‘Banker Margayya’.

His novels  ‘Swamy and Friends’and  ‘The Vendor of Sweets’ and some of his short stories from ‘Malgudi Days’ were adapted into Television Serials-‘Malgudi Days’, by Actor-Director Shankar Nag.

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endy smith
endy smith
7 years ago

Thank you for such an interesting list of the books. I cannot say for sure, that I will read all of them, but I hope, that I will read most of them. Thank you for your job.

Dr Pawan Kumar Bhardwaj
Dr Pawan Kumar Bhardwaj
7 years ago

Excellent work. It is helpful for exam aspirants and readers as well. Saves time. Thanks.

sanju orao
sanju orao
6 years ago

R.k narayana popular short story

sanju orao
sanju orao
6 years ago

Send me R.K narayan one poem one story and one proposal

6 years ago

i get story daas aam ki kimat witch is not in that if
so please send me link

Partha Das
Partha Das
4 years ago

Felt grateful for providing with a finger-tip list of books. Thank You Very much.