Walking -Part of our Life

Aerobic fitness is important to all of us regardless of age, which can be improved by regularly raising the heart rate to a good working level for a period of between 15 and 60 minutes, by some aerobic exercise, such as WALKING.

Walking is the single most readily available exercise, as it is enjoyable, inexpensive and requires little skill. Walking is a great social activity.
We can walk with a friend, join a club or we may prefer to walk alone.

During walking ‘loose’ fitting clothing should be worn, together with comfortable walking shoes. We must try to walk every day at least for half an hour. We may walk with a friend or in a group, or with family members. We may use the walking time to meditate and relax.

We must vary the places of our walking instead of walking in the same area. It is desirable to stretch both before and after we go for a walk. A gentle warm up may be done before stretching, that is moving the legs and arms for 5 to 10 minutes. Walking at a comfortable speed improves heart – lung function. It is also good for general fitness as well as being safe, cheap and convenient.

If we walk regularly we will feel more confident, happy and relaxed. We can maintain our weight, cholesterol level and blood pressure. We can recover from the risks of heart problems, diabetes and stroke.

We must postpone walking if we have a temporary illness or when the weather is extremely hot or cold. During walking with somebody if we cannot carry out a conversation without having to gasp excessively for air, we should slow down, as we may be walking fast.

We may practise Walking and make it a part of our Life.

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