What should we do if we get Muscles Sprain in Legs

One of the unbearable pains we get is the pain due to Muscles Sprain, apart from:-

  • Stomach-ache,
  • Tooth pain and
  • Head-ache, etc.

Though normally, old aged people get muscle sprains, because of their weakness and other complications related to ageing, anybody can get them. Muscles sprains will be affecting:-

  • Calf Muscles in the back-side of Lower legs
  • Muscles in the Lower back below the Ribs
  • Muscles on the back of the upper Thighs

Calf Muscles sprain will be more common than the others. Calf muscles are in the backside of our lower legs, used for lifting our heels and driving us forward when we walk or run. By stretching the calf muscles beyond the limit, we will get calf muscles sprain.

Sometimes, as and when we get up or try to get up all of a sudden, after sitting or lying down in a place for a fairly long time, we will have muscles sprain. Muscles sprains will occur when we suddenly put stress on the muscles when they are not ready for activities. Sometimes, in the act of our suddenly getting up, we will over-stretch the calf muscles, and we will get muscles sprain and pain as the muscles will be pulled/ teared. The pulls or tears of the calf muscles will be of various degrees, depending on which the calf muscles will be strained or even damaged. Also, because of straining our calf muscles too much, by walking, jogging or running without proper relaxation before doing such activities, we will get muscles sprain with pain.

Muscles Sprains/Calf muscles sprains will be due to:-

  • Weakness of the muscles/Fatigue,
  • Tightness of calf muscles,
  • Overstrain,
  • Cold weather and
  • Sports activities like:-Running/Hurdles/ Long jump/ Basketball/ Soccer/ Football/ Rugby etc. in which due to running fast, muscles will be stretched beyond their limits.

When we get calf muscles sprain, we will not be able to stand up from our sitting or lying position. . The immediate treatment to be given for our calf muscles sprain is to push up the affected foot, on the floor, or on a wall. We must raise our toes up towards us and take our heel away from us to enable stretching of the sprained calf muscle. If we leave our leg loose, the sprain will become worse, with the muscles will get twisted, causing more pain and making it very difficult to stand up and walk.

The treatments for Muscles Sprains are:-

  • Rest:-We must stop the activities causing the sprain, such as running, jumping, and weightlifting using the lower leg muscles.
  • Elevation:– We must keep the leg in a raised position to reduce swelling, if any.
  • Cold:– Ice fermentation must be given to the affected area, by putting ice cubes in a polythene bag, and not directly with ice on the leg/s.
  • Compression:– We can wear an elastic compression bandage around the affected lower leg to prevent swelling.
  • Medications:– Tablets for relieving pain can be taken, if necessary, getting them over the counter from your medical store, or upon consultation of our doctor.

To Prevent Muscles Sprains:-

  • We must keep our muscles strong enough to bear sudden physical stress.
  • Before any straining physical activity, we must have a brief warm-up and relaxation of the muscles.
  • We must learn and follow proper technique/s for exercise and sporting activities.

According to some experts, we will get muscles sprains, due to our prolonged use of certain medications, for High Blood Pressure, Angina Pectoris and Asthma, etc. as side effects of such medications, and advise us to drink hot water with salt dissolved, to get relief from the sprain and the pain.

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